About Instinct Safaris

Instinct Safaris is a community adventure safari and tour company based in Uganda and operating in Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo. Each of our members has stayed in this unique environment and in harmony with nature for many years. Most of us were even born in the region of lake Kivu, the Virunga volcanoes, and Bwindi rain forest, We made it not only our business but our very goal to help travelers experience all there is to know about East Africa's diverse cultures, rich history, beautiful scenery, fascinating wild life, down to the best fishing spot in Uganda, Rwanda, and Eastern Congo, on our tailored safaris. Members of our team have lived, studied, and traveled to Europe and North America, and numerous other regions of the world. That way, we know exactly what comfort and reliable service are all about and what our guests deserve to expect in East Africa. We commit to a strict company guideline, which helps us contribute and give back to the local communities as we are on safari with our adventurers from all over the world.

Niels Sievertsen


T: +41 (788) 300-239

T: +1 (857) 415-9384

E: niels@instinctsafaris.com

Niels first came to East Africa as a development aid worker employed by the German government in 2010. He implemented and helped to create community tourism around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in south western Uganda. In the village of Rubuguri bordering the Rwanda and DR Congo, a public library, a local bakery, and a hardware rental for farming equipment were opened by him. 

Together with Turyasingura Rabani, Niels founded Instinct Safaris in July 2011. In order to promote a sustainable growth of the safari and tourism business in the Great Lakes region, it was of extreme importance to organize a community-centered framework, where profits from tourism would go hand in hand with socio-economic development in the areas Instinct Safaris visits. 

Niels is currently enrolled in a PhD program in synthetic organic chemistry at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, after achieving his M.Sc. degree at ETH Zurich and Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA.

Turyasingura Rabani


T: +256 (776) 101-964

E: rabani@instinctsafaris.com

Rabani was born in Nombe village on the foothills of the Virunga volcano range and bordering Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in southwestern Uganda. Being from this special region - boasting of scenic landscape and magnificent fauna - Rabani soon developed the idea of showing and sharing the area with travelers from around the world. 

With Niels Sievertsen, he engaged in promoting sustainability as a core value of all safari business in the Great Lakes region and together, they began to sketch up and define what this meant. In 2011, they then founded Instinct Safaris, which has been trusted by over one hundred and sixty safari-goers since. 

Rabani now coordinates Instinct Safaris guides and services between Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo in order to ensure smooth and professional delivery of all services on site.