Due to safety concerns in the Kivu region, activities in Virunga National Park are currently suspended.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo and its far eastern region are truly mystical and exciting places to visit. War-torn over the last decades and bearing a sad history, the region is home to lake Kivu, Virunga National Park which is Africa’s oldest wildlife and nature reserve, and unique people. Instinct Safaris is proud to offer international travelers to see and experience the border region of Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo. Virunga National Park has a lot to offer. Over a thousand kilometers long, it parallels Uganda’s nature reserves across the border and offers additional exciting activities in the Virunga volcano range. One of them is to climb active volcanoes. With Mount Nyiamuragira, which had its last eruption over the city of Goma in the early 2000s, Mount Nyiragongo – almost three-and-a-half thousand meters above sea level – features the largest permanent lava lake in the world. Following the two-day hike to the volcanic crater, Instinct Safaris also offers mountain gorilla trekking in the northern ends of the volcanoes, namely at Bikuma park gate. Numerous cultural activities are possible to take part in. For example, the local coffee-processing huts receive our travelers with a warm welcome to the region. We also support and visit the ICCN Congo hounds - indispensable companions to fight illegal activities in Virunga National Park. The ICCN mountain gorilla orphanage can be found in the dense rain forest of Virunga National Park, as well.

This extraordinary hiking safari will take you from Kigali, Rwanda, across the border to DR Congo and the shore of lake Kivu. As a first highlight of the tour, we plan to embark on our hike to Mt. Nyiragongo bearing the largest permanent lava lake in the world at 3,400 m altitude. After an overnight overseeing the forceful crater, we descend and continue to the northern side of the volcano. From there, we intend to visit the rare mountain gorillas on the foothills of the Virunga volcanoes. On the last day, we return to Kigali, Rwanda.