Time to go cruising in Uganda for a rich aquatic safari style in the beautiful pearl of Africa.

Instinct safaris has designed itineraries in both quite amazing locations, on board there are everything you need. Outside there is a whole new world to be discovered by you!

The romance you imagine while drifting down a river, a channel and past the mighty remote waterfalls a home to exotic creatures.Uganda offers a rich aquatic safari style offering explorations of some of the most outstanding ecological sites in the whole world. Scheduled cruises are offered in three national parks of Lake Mburo, Queen Elizabeth national park and Murchison falls national parks.

There is alaunch cruise at the Nile discovering the source of this longest river on the planet Earth.Instinct safaris has designed itineraries in both locations, on board there are everything you need. Outside there a whole new world to be discovered by you!

In Murchison we offer luxury scheduled cruises on the Nile waters at 0900 and 1400 every day which is a three hour ride cruise taking a maximum of 35 people. There is a 4-5 hours boat trip that can be hired from paraa lodge to the papyrus delta and Lake Albert.The boat trip in Queen Elizabeth national park is conducted on an impressive Kazinga channel for 2 hours; this is a 40 km natural channel linking two lakes in the Albertine rift valley.

These are lakes Edward and George both serving an extension of the Queen conservation area, the boat here operates every day on schedules at 09:00 am morning session or 2:00 pm local time in the afternoon. On both cruises there professional guides which make up the core part of your cruising experience, give you all the necessary information and answer your questions pertaining to this safari.

Why you need to include Uganda on your Africa tour as number one on the bucketlist.

Preparing for tours in Uganda?Here areSix amazing fascinating reasons why you need to start packing for your life time uplifting safari experience to Uganda.

Uganda’s landscapes are vast, the rich history and her tapestry of cultural values are epic making it a must visit destination to experience atleast once in alife time. Featuring the presently iconic forests, endemic creatures,the mighty River Nile longest in the world,the country’s ancient past is still alive in its majestic museums, art centers and Modern life in Uganda entrances any visitor.

1.The captivating friendliness of the Ugandans: The above joy to celebrate is the friendliness attributed by the local people, in the central Uganda this joyful nature is locally called Omukwano, whereas meandering to the western slopes of the country they refer to this as Orukundo/Urukundo. While in this intimate destination, you will find that peoples attitude towards tourism is always a positive one and the daily interaction in the villages is fascinating with warm smiles, waving hands, children are on the look to this extent the ancient explore Winston Churchill published it after his trip back in 1907 that “above all, the people of Uganda are very different from everything”. We can’t escape that at times you might go through negative remarks about Uganda as a nation but people who visit the country find it among the friendliest countries in relation to their travel experience elsewhere.

2.The outranking elegant adventure activities:Amazing views of Mountain Gorillas and chimpanzees have been for the long time a must include on every adventure trip to the pearl of Africa, don’t forget this as well while in Uganda you must experience a safari style and manner that harks back to the explorers and colonialists of the 19th century relishing the potential of the world’s longest river at jinja. Activities like Grande Nile walk, white water rafting on the rapids and falls of the Nile water, bungee jumping andkayaking,game drives and walking safaris are possible here. On the volcanic lakes of Mutanda,this is aperfect place to kick back and go with the traditional Obwato (dugout canoe) ride letting you glide through numerous islands and peninsular.

3.Uganda for your cultural tours: The fascinating cultural humor mixed with colour, art, Style and rhythm. Uganda is a country driven by strong cultural heritage; there are rulers in their respective kingdoms alongside the central and local administration of the government of the republic of Uganda. The people are subjected to being loyal to their kings whose transfer of power is hereditary within the loyal family. Celebrations and parties are held both in the city of Kampala and rural villages, there are entertaining cultural centers in Major towns and all over the country, Inquire from us more details about thecultural heritage of Uganda and a day or few hours can be reserved for your cultural immersion. Some hotels are known to arrange this as ways to support the neighboring communities.Gifted dancing troupe and the ancient museum are available in Kampala as well.

4.Uganda for experiential tourism: These research,education and field trips reward you the closest encounters of wildlife in their natural habitats ranging from going very wild on walking safaris, game drives, tracking, habituating and cruising give an adventurous traveller with a hankering to walk on the wild side. Great mountain gorilla trek with a four hour experience and the whole day primate walk in the dense canopies are in place. Lion predator tracking in the savannah, two or three hours ofBoat cruise on crystal clear waters of Kazinga channel  and pluming waters of the great Nile. From the Grande Victoria Nile expedition there is nothing else you will demand for your safari more than this mostly for keen photographers.

5.The timely and perfect climate determined by its location: This is generally an equatorial type however not uniform throughout many locations as it’s modified by altitude. Uganda is considered wetter in southern Uganda with chances of rainfall through the year. Adjacent areas of Entebbe on the shores of the biggest fresh water body on the continentexperience rains mostly March to June and November-December season .To the north of the country the dry season gradually arises, in Gulu November to February is considered to be much drier. The Rwenzorimountains of the moon also receive rains throughout the year.

6.The world class tourist infrastructure and amenities: Modern Entebbe international airport connects all international flights to the country and from all major flight destinations in the world, expanded road network to the city, towns and main roads to different corners of the country. Roads in remote villages where more tourist attractions tend to concentrate range from being smooth to bumpy surfaces. Communication in both mobile internet facilities, wifi is available. To the business traveler class, traveling and connecting to the business is possible as you will keep in touch to your networks on a daily basis with Wifi provisions from your hotels.

Hot air balloon tour over the pearl of Africa.

You will be amazed by the stillness, the level of silence while floating above the flora and fauna in the pearl of Africa. The flights take one hour of drifting to whatever direction wind current takes you!

Hot air balloon tours are now a dream come true over the remarkable pearl of Africa’s medley of wonders and the world’s most powerful waterfalls. The adventure is explored over the savannah plains of Queen Elizabeth national park in the west and Murchison Falls National Park over the flat undulating northern plains of this raising Savannah.

The adventure begins just before dawn after testing wind and determining departures from aperfectly natural launch site, this is a place considered for its rich wildlife to enrich the experience.

In Murchison falls national park this is near Paraa lodge while in Queen Elizabeth the adventure is conducted on the Kasenyi plains. After locating the site to launch,the hot air balloon is filled in view of the tourists taking photos for their experiencethen rises while suspended in the basket below the hugegreen yellow canopy you will discover getting set for the wildlife viewing adventure.

Predator-prey relationship scene at Kasenyi gate as seen from the ballon tour.

Predator-prey relationship scene at Kasenyi gate as seen from the ballon tour.

For the first time balloonists you will be amazed by the stillness, the level of silence while floating above the flora and fauna of the pearl of Africa.The flights takes one hour of drifting to whatever direction windcurrent takesyou, this is an added advantage for photography and filming.

Serving mouth watering dishes in the wild

Serving mouth watering dishes in the wild

In the given one hour time respected by the balloon tradition in the whole world, you are approaching the final remarks toasting your return to the Earth with a celebration. This will be achampagne breakfast served with continental dishes after your successful landing; this bush breakfast is secured with UWA rangers.

Usually hot air balloons can fly to a height of 10,000 ft above sea level but at a height maximum of 1,000 ft you have the whole view of the forest in Uganda. There tree top heights as will be adjusted by the balloon pilot for clear game view inside the park.

Kasenyi koblek as viewed from above-QENP-Uganda

Kasenyi koblek as viewed from above-QENP-Uganda

Sun rise and sunset are premier packages of this adventure giving tourists the lust to witness a breathtaking moment in the wilderness. The company operating balloon tours understand the safety and security of their clientele, despite using professional pilots with 1000+ hours of experience, the flight insurance is fully secured.

This is covering the passengers, third parties, the balloon and the pilot.Uganda civil aviation Authority under their strict regulation of ICAW have fully licensed them to operate such adventure of ballooning tours over Uganda’s space.


Uganda lodges and Camps.

All things to all tourists in the remarkable pearl of Africa.

Your journey in Uganda will mean an incredible introduction to impressive collections of luxury lodges, Rustic Bandas,hand crafted cottages and budget camp sites that have a commitment to conservation and responsible tourism. Located in one of the spectacular locations in the whole world, accommodation in Uganda ranges in both categories to fit your expectations and interests be it luxury, medium and budget travelling.

Most tourist wonder what accommodation looks like, from urban hotels and resorts to National Park lodges and facilities, all are set to pamper every single desire for your stay within this African Wild destination.

There are safari lodges set to offer boutique experiences to guests,they look forward to always add the true natural promise of authenticity and located in the most stunning locations.You will find each facility completely individual in its design and ownership but all are operated on the responsible tourism philosophy.

The travellers’choices remain between booking to reside in lodges, safari traditional tented camps, or the beautifully hand crafted cottages or bandas. The hotel management is always on a closer look out for you to enjoy the delicious meals delicately prepared.

In every activity area there is accommodation that suits your very needs.This can be inside the conservation forests, at the boundary or few meters away but both are quite amazing. You will discover their state of art sewage system, recyclingfacilities and environmental friendly practices including saving water and treatment, energy saving,eco-waste disposal and biodegradable cleaning fluids and toiletries.

Their working with the local communities determine their needs and have improved the locals wellbeing through empowerment, improved infrastructure, skill development and there is an overall enhancement of health, education and the general welfare for the future.