Cultural tours: Authentic safaris to immerse yourself into the cultures and places in the heart of Africa.

Get to know people, people take you to places

Cultural tours to Uganda, Rwanda or D.R.Congo becomes authentic with Instinct safaris: Cultural tours on our packages are tailored for you to get to know people and people will take you to places, this is when you will get to know Africa as it used to be.

Our reformed Cultural trails are the best way to Discover rural and natural fabrics of Africa at its peace.

Tourists Culturally at heart and coming to explorere Africa will find that its not about the destination, possibly its what it will take for you to get there. Our distinguished cultural tours will allow tourists the first safari opportunity to know people, they are people who will take them to places.

At every spot, you will be guided by the local community guide furnishing you with stories.You will find every experience to be safari uplifting seeing all the natural new world in front of your discovery culturally trip in the eyes of the local community.

Locals will take you to places. Here i mean all the amazing landscapes with varied array of wildlife Africa is well known for with your local African tour guide.

Are you looking for exciting and professionally led safaris? A cultural safari itinerary must not be a staged tourist show. That's why Batwa cultural and forest experience is what you can't miss on your cultural safari to Africa

Come witness these Authentic cultural practices that saved mountain gorillas of the Virunga massif.

Deep into the mountainous regions tucked into the Albertine Rift valley, there you stand the chance to travel like a local and see the forest through eyes of the Batwa who are first original inhabitants of this forest zone.

The Batwa are related to the Aboriginals of Australia and the Bushmen of Kalahari. Batwa cultural experience is a joint conservation philosophy to conserve and maintain the Batwa traditional cultural values live after their eviction from their home lands inside the tropical rain forest. 

Today we have Batwa families scattered due to this eviction and more are living quite threatened, Batwa live on Semlik wildlife reserve, Mgahinga gorilla forest and Bwindi impenetrable national park. There are more Batwa families at the edge of Echuya forest reserve in Uganda where more live in D.R.C and Rwanda.

Your safari will contribute to the welfare of the Bwata people, come meet the Batwa now and then.Be their guest for some time, see them dance to embrace conservation for the first time.Our tours here below will introduce you to the Batwa cultural experiences, feel free to check our

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8 reasons why you need to capture East African safari spirit on your combo 2018 itinerary.What you need to know about East Africa's outstanding tourist ideas of Uganda,Rwanda and Kenya.

Grap a copy of our Combo tours! Tourists feel the magic,get immersed in the beautiful pearl of Africa and discover the remarkable thousand hills, this is East African safari spirit.

For safari goers looking forward to spark their imagination while rewarding their senses.Here are Eight reasons why you need to capture the safari spirit in Uganda, Rwanda and DRC: We reveal these to safari goers who are looking to spark imagination while rewarding their senses to stimulate intellectual to be enlivened with East Africa’s safari spirit.

Come explore with Instinct safaris as the name suggest we evoke dreams of mysterious jungles filled with rare flora and fauna and the world of free living primates for your life time safari experience with quality guides.

We select only the finest hotels and lodges in the city and out in the bush close to nature with positive impacts on eco-tourism and transportation guaranteeing enough relaxing space and window seats,poproof and refreshments.Come see the whole new natural world through your eyes, why Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya now?

  • Best valued safari destination: 

Through varied experiences tourists have opportunities to select from our wide range of safari packages; these are sold as country or combo safaris to multi-country destinations giving one the best value for money.

The net work of facilities and experienced operators provide you with uniquelyOutstanding tailor made safari holidays meeting and exceeding your safari needs and expectations , this is done while considering factors like time of travel, number of travelers and estimated budget among others.

Tourists may choose to take the advantage of off peak or peak seasons rate cards, travelling during the off-peak currently has been rewarded with lots of touristic advantages like some discounted offers from hoteliers and reduced activity fees for example USD 450 $ fees for mountain gorilla tracking instead of the USD 600 $ paid in the peak season.

  • Natural panoramic beauty:

 East African natural shape is attributed to global plate of tectonic forces responsible for creating Great east African rift valley where amazing features tend to concentrate.

The beautiful snow peaked Kilimanjaro call this region home and Mount Kenya being the two tallest peaks dominating the African continent plus Rwenzori Mountains of the moon.

Featuring the world’s second largest fresh water body lake, Lake Victoria measuring 68,800sq km surface area, Lake Tanganyika as the world’s second deepest lake and Turkana Lake as the world’s largest desert and alkaline lake.

Other lakes still in harmony with nature are Lake Nakuru hosting the biggest population of flamingos and Lake Natron in Tanzania, the fantastic hot springs in Lake bogoria in Kenya and the femal and male hot springs of semlik wildlife reserve are vital to mention.

The mighty river Nile is regarded as the longest in the world deriving its waters from Lake Victoria .All these have diversified flora and fauna in the region favoring the climatic conditions with varying vegetation cover, from Savannah grasslands, bamboo forests, equatorial forest, mangrove forests and to Afro-Alpine zones.

  • Good connected infrastructure:

 Most of the tourists’ places in the region are connected with a well serviced functioning net work of infrastructure, tourists accessing sites move with ease and comfort while enjoying their safari in style.

Tourists are able to do the safari by road trip and air where as Kenya and Tanzania is accessible by sea, this home to more endemic wildlife is connected to the world with well serviced international airports.

  • Conducive Climate:

 The climate of east Africa is determined by altitude varying from tropical to temperate, there are two rainy seasons classified as long rains from late march to early may and the short rains from late October to early December.

  • Highly valued safari Adventure: 

Known to meet the expectations and tastes of varied enthusiasts east Africa has a worldly unusual adventure activities described to be exotic, remote with wilderness attractions.

These adventure are a key highlight by every safari goers and they include but not limited to wildlife viewing, gorilla tracking, hiking, heritage and cultural tours, mountain climbing, white water rafting, deep sea diving and fishing, water sports, rock climbing, bungee jumping, mountain biking, paragliding, sky diving and reformed walking safaris for intrepid travelers.

  • Cultural and natural heritage sites: 

Featuring most of the world’s famed and iconic national parks, game reserves and wildlife sanctuaries, 12 have been considered by UNESCO as world heritage sites due to their unique natural and cultural heritage for example Bwindi impenetrable national park gained this status in 1994 due to its rich biodiversity and great apes close relationship and harmony.

The verdant swathe of rugged terrain of Bwindi was a home for human beings-the pygmies(Batwa),Mountain gorillas and the chimpanzees, they all lived inside the tropical rain forest depending on its biodiversity for all their entire benefits until when the pygmies where evicted for conservation procedures.

The famed annual wildbeest migration of masai mara national reserve and Serengeti national park is currently the eighth wonder of the world.

  • Global Wildlife paradise:

Renowned as a wildlife paradise East Africa has an extraordinary vast array of landscapes with mammals like in Savannah and the eastern edge of tropical rain forests.

There hugely rewards of varied and abundant bird life among of which many are endemic to this part of Africa, wildlife ranges to the currently referred to as big six e.g. lion, leopard, Rhino, Buffalo, Elephant and Mountain gorillas.

  • Responsible Eco-tourism: 

Don’t forget that you need to travel to East Africa and witness the sustainable tourism practices ensuring these attractions are available for the present and for the future.

Most of the conservation authorities and individuals take the respect and concern while utilizing these natural treasures of pristine rural Africa, for example Uganda wildlife authority in charge of 10 world class national parks and 12 wildlife reserves has a motto “Conservation in partnership with the community and other stakeholders for generation”. The communities have been incorporated in tourism and conservation model to succeed, a well implemented policy of eco-tourism involving active community participation is the joy of every conservationist and the tourists booking safaris to Africa.

We will remain to welcome you in our professional hands as an Eco-safari company providing the best of our experience for your safari to be professionally conducted, exciting and comfortable.

Feel free to talk to one of our safari experts and responsible co-cadres in Kampala or SWITZERLAND for your safari to Uganda, Rwanda and D.R.Congo.

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A standard tourist visa has made East Africa tourism platform (Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda) now Borderless.

Happy travelers to East Africa will enjoy the single standard tourist visa to spend more time in the region.

Travelers looking forward to have their holiday vacation in Uganda,Rwanda and Kenya will find out that East Africa is a borderless travel hub, you’re allowed to travel between Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda with your same multiple entry visa.

The joint effort made by the heads of states is the result of this visa in the move where Africa tourism platform (EATP)  is looking at marketing the whole region as a single tourist destination.

This is focused to boost region travel by creating opportunities for potential tourists to explore the diversity of East Africa as a single file.

The standard tourist visa saves tourists time and the rigorous procedures where in the past they were required to move from one embassy to another to apply for different visas of their choice while crossing the three East African community partner states.Below are details of what you need to know about this single standard tourist visa:

  •  Information and eligibility: East African standard tourist’s visa is open to all travelers from any country; this multiple entry visa will be applied for in advance and allows entry to the republic of Kenya, the republic of Uganda, and the republic of Rwanda for tourism over a period of ninety (90) days i.e three months.
  • Eligible personnel: Anybody coming to these countries is allowed to get this visa with no restriction on country of origin.
  • Dependents: All persons coming to Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda for tourism must apply in their own right to obtain the visa
  • Other travel documents: All tourists must be having official and genuine international passport valid for not less than six months from the time of visa application.
  • Visa fees: This visa costs USD 100 $ per visa
  • Validity: 90 days

This visa is valid for multiple entries to all the three countries, work is not permitted and this east African tourist visa shall not be extended.

The holder of the visa shall enter the region from the same country that issued the visa and move within next two countries withoutapplying for another visa or paying for another fee.

The holder of the visa shall be permitted to move of the member states i.e. Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya and return without paying for another visa but this will only be applicable for the validity period of 90 days from approval.

The visa valid for three months is acquired at the right point of one’s entry or in any of the foreign missions of the participating countries. The issuing country will take 40 percent whereas the next two shares 60 percent.

East African single tourist visa is marking the beginning of free movement of goods and services in the community that both states are eyeing ,this will reduce the procedures involved while getting multiple visa, by adopting this single multiple visa Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya has opened doors for over one billion tourists from all over the world.

Everything you need to know about Rwanda's remarkable tourism potentials.

Getting to understand the current plight of Tourism in Rwanda.

Rwanda’s high-end 2017 tourism strategy.

How high the intore dancers can jump during the 2017 Kwita Izina in Rwanda.

How high the intore dancers can jump during the 2017 Kwita Izina in Rwanda.

Rwanda is currently emphasizing destination packaging as part of her high end tourism strategy.According to a statement released by the executive director of RDB Clare Akamanzi says, this will enable them to conserve while giving back enough to the local community who are always at the forefront of mountain gorilla conservation.

Tourists coming to Rwanda will find out that this country is being marketed as a luxury travel destination, such news were welcomed on the global scale with accelerated positive impacts where three renowned world class and award winning companies in the hospitality industry planned to add their efforts in the country’s luxury service chain.

These includes theAmerican based ONE AND ONLY that are currently putting up another new luxury facility near the gate to Nyungwe forest making two luxury premises in this location after Nyungwe forest lodge. In the volcanoes national park another South African based luxury company and promoter of responsible eco-tourism-wilderness safaris has opened up a new luxury facility one of its kind in both art and design, service class and location Bisate lodge.

On the recently celebrated 2017 gorilla naming ceremony Kwita Izina, another company called Sagitta broke the ground for putting up another multi million dollar infrastructure in Kinigi under the witness of the president of the republic of Rwanda His Excellency Paul Kagame and more Rwandan welcomes the great efforts towards responsible eco-tourism in the country.

All these are indicators of avery well packaged Rwanda’s tourism, at no doubt the country is proceeding and gaining popularity on the global travel market following her additional achievements in air travels through the national carriers Rwanda air express which have currently three non stop direct flight routes from the capital Kigali.  

From Kigali there are nonstop flights to Gatwick airport in London, Mumbai in India and at Amsterdam in Belgium. All these are happening in the names of Rwanda luxury tourism strategy, a country going rapid development to overcome the consequences of the 1994 incidence of genocide.

While in Kigali for the city tour you will totally agree that the past lives with present all at peace and in harmony with nature which have led to this rapid growth and development.

After the news release Rwanda tourism statistics has recorded Mountain gorilla trekking permit purchases hiking. This also has increased the growth margins for the community revenue sharing fees from 5% to 10%, this is an indicator for the success of the statement in the first note under this too quick announcement.

The ideology has caused great conservation smiles to both the government and the locals who have seen their revenue sharing ratio go up as well. Communities surrounding conservation areas are currently benefiting from eco-friendly projects for community capacity building like building schools, health centers, clean water and sanitation are also improving the daily lives of the locals in the country.

According to the executive director of RDB Clare Akamanzi, Rwanda as a country is looking at providing a bigger share to the local communities through tourism revenue to boost the local development and empower the communities economically.

For more information about Rwanda gorilla tourism, feel free to read our articles on: