Visiting Uganda:The impact of your menu tonight for the best ultimate Gorilla Encounters.

The Hotel, the Gorillas and Local People (HOGOLO): How ideal a Plate can determine your long time ultimate Gorilla Tracking experience?

Every tourist coming to the gorilla lands is concerned about the level of fitness, through all our reservation inquiries involving Mountain gorilla experience we pay more attention to such queries. Yes this is vital for the tourist's advance preparation and comfort while on the wildlife trail to the gorilla encounter. Time expected while trekking into the tropical forest's rich mosaic of canopies is your right time to think about how ideal a Plate can determine your long time ultimate Gorilla Tracking experience.

Gorilla Tracking currently considered as the greatest adventure on the planet is quite rewarding and demanding of-course! tourists spending one hour to a whole day inside the natural forested canopies of Uganda need to spend 600$ for apermit plus how deep inside the forest mountain gorillas can take you. This is definitely what we can reffer to as one of those rare and wild safari experiences every person wouldn’t like to miss especially foreigners. To proceed, let us all look at how influential a plate might be when it comes to the best safari experiences for your great wildlife tour?

It all starts with sorting natural and delicious ingredients.

It all starts with sorting natural and delicious ingredients.

Proper food for best Gorilla trekking:Did you bother to think about this before? Please note that Mountain gorilla trekking activity may last from one hour up to 8 hours inside the forest, during this time  you will need refreshments and eats. Sad thing is you won’t find any spot to buy eats or drinks inside the forests, you’ve one option to only pack food and drinks. We always recommend having healthy meals on the days closer to your gorilla trek, a heavy breakfast in the morning at your lodge before leaving your places of accommodation. 

Wildlife enthusiastic tourists coming to Uganda love to encounter these gentle giants in the wild on every stay in Uganda. A gorilla trekking experience will always be memorable, rewarding and we recommended you to know some tips before you get on to start planning for your gorilla trekking holidays to Uganda. The best of an African safari experience is not derived from the plight to only pack bags,this involves research about your destination, activities packaged to an itinerary contrasting asite seeing tour to be areal lifetime trip.To crown this idea,we bring to you the value of the kitchen, the chef and aplate when it comes to expect the best of your safari out in the wild places of Africa.

How clean and organised this is?do you take time to visit the kitchen and meet your chef?

How clean and organised this is?do you take time to visit the kitchen and meet your chef?

Uganda wildlife authority put in place some rules and regulations for you to enjoy the best of your lifetime gorilla experience, however more have been discovered as we operate and its the choice of the tourists or an operator to think beyond the common box when it comes to putting up alifetime tour. Instinct safaris has been conducting responsible Eco-tours in Uganda, Rwanda and D.R.Congo for decades. Am sure you will believe me when I say that our team spirit of Eco-tours is quite older than Instinct safaris company, some of our members were born in the gorilla highlands, grew up with the gorillas relations and are now on the frontline to advocate for activism for the sake of wildlife conservation, people and the Gorillas. To uplift this Eco-Flag quite higher was the birth of Instinct safaris more than 10 years ago.

Every tourist want to travel happily and when it comes to happy travelling,this is the offspring of proper packaging.Perhaps a good tour operator is the one who thinks beyond the common tourist norms when it comes to putting up an itinerary and this is where Instinct safaris earn a credit. After booking your mountain gorilla tracking permit through us, your time is meant for meeting people who will take you into the wild places to see Mountain gorillas. We take a gorilla encounter to be a three in one life uplifting tourist experience; this encompasses the Hotel, the Gorillas and Local People (HOGOLO).

The shortest Uganda Gorilla experience must be for three days, after your arrival to Uganda, you’re transferred to your hotel for the First overnight. The next morning will have you ready to track the Mountain gorillas and this experience cannot be 100% complete when you’ve not spared time to meet, interact and discover the authentic cultures of the local forest people who kept the forest biodiversity for you! Through our tailored safaris sections, we will be able to communicate more just keep in touch.

Have alook on the below 13 Mouthwatering and energizing plates to be discovered during Mountain Gorilla trekking in Uganda:

Plating idea 3.jpg
Plating idea 1.jpg
Plating idea 2.jpg
Plating idea 4.jpg
Plating idea 5.jpg
Plating idea 6.jpg
Plating idea 7.jpg
Plating idea 8.jpg
Plating idea 9.jpg
Plating idea 10.jpg
Plating idea 11.jpg
Plating idea 12.jpg
Plating idea 13.jpg

3 in One: The Hotel, the Gorillas and Local People.Now let us have alook on the value of a plate at your hotel, time to encounter the gorillas in the forest and the local  people who will happily welcome you and show you their amazing landscapes. For your mountain gorilla experience in Uganda to be truly rewarding and quite memorable, before meeting the Gorillas it’s a must you first meet people.These includes your safari guide, the hoteliers like the chef etc, the next will be your time to the ultimate gorilla encounter.Please note, this trekking is not the act of just viewing but instead is called tracking because its a process of following part of the natural forest where there is no path before with interests to conserve, learn, photograph, supoprt and enjoy.

During your gorilla tour,together with your rangers, porters and the gorilla you all leave a trail in the forest which will regrow to coverup because its used once hence tracking. The energy it requires for you to leave this trail is a good reason why a plate a day before is a determinant factor to your successful gorilla tracking. You will climb, slope, slip and cross fallen trees more often, but don’t mind this time a porter makes sense. Apart from carrying your rucksack with a packed meal, they offer some help in case of a pull or a push don’t hesitate to let him/her know.

Among the gorilla rules and regulations, there is one saying you’re not supposed to visit mountain Gorillas when showing any sign of sickness or body illness, on rare occurrences there are tourists who get cough, fever and stomach boils because you ate a bad meal during the course of your itinerary and imagine this happens on your day before meeting Gorillas. Your time to encounter mountain gorillas will be cancelled because of this with no substitute and refund by UWA and imagine losing the permit with all hard earned savings of 600$? There are  more reasons to Mind about aplate during your travels.

Cheff on duty.jpg

Don’t we all take now the chef to be a determinant factor during atrek into the wild? On you visit to the hotel, get time to visit the kitchen, meet the chef and see how things are going over there. These guys are very important, do a great job but it's very sad. They only smile to gas cylinders, stoves and most of their talking is to chop..cop...chop! They will appreciate your attention and smiles.

Among the regulations and rules to the gorillas, we at Instinct safaris have added that Eat well definitely a balanced, delicious and Healthy meals, Pack Enough Food and safe Drinks for your Mountain gorilla tracking. This activity may last from one hour up to 8 hours inside the forest, during this time this time you will need refreshments and eats. Sad thing is you won’t find any spots to buy eat or drinks inside the forests, you’ve one option to only pack food and drinks.We always recommend having healthy meals on the days closer to your gorilla trek, a heavy breakfast in the morning at your lodge before leaving your places of accommodation will do you atrick. Karibuni Africa!

Kampala city experiential tour to Uganda.

Kampala has been branded often as “the city that never sleeps” by many, Kampala nightlife is so vibrant with numerous locals moving from one joint to another. What about joining the dancing through the night? Perhaps a better way to end your Uganda safari adventure.

The bright sunny day in Kampala

The bright sunny day in Kampala

Tourists on holiday visit to Uganda the pearl of Africa arrive at Entebbe international airport. From here their reception awaits and the party continues. Though more tourists preffer connecting directly to the pristine wild places of Uganda, staying one or two overnights in Kampala is always a memorable pre or post safari excursion. To some the experience is reverse, they like coming to explore the glamorous city at night and day time after their wild experiences. Probably tourists will choose between cooling down with a city walking discovery trip while meeting people, discovering cultures and shopping.

From the shore of the biggest fresh water Body Lake Victoria on the African continent, holiday makers will find Kampala experience quite thrilling whether you’re party friends or choosing an offbeat trek on one of Kampala’s seven hills. While visiting Kampala tourists will find that other than major cities elsewhere Kampala holds the biggest human population in Uganda of about 1.2 million people. This conveys a special charm not common in majority of the capital cities.

Kampala city experience will always be rewarding, unlike majority of the African cities that are full of commotion, Kampala city is less wild allowing tourists’ time to always relax. The best of Kampala city tour is a guided walking safari, with your interpretations of the local safari guide. It’s very exciting to move about the streets in Kampala which have very colorful and attractive markets that deal in a variety of fruits, livestock plus vegetables that result into excitement of disharmonised noise. Eating and drinking is another exploration of Kampala, there are several bars, nightclubs, shopping malls, restaurants and theaters.

The magical lights of Kampala,the best way to end asafari!

The magical lights of Kampala,the best way to end asafari!

Kampala has been branded often as “the city that never sleeps” by many, Kampala nightlife is so vibrant with numerous locals moving from one joint to another. What about joining the dancing through the night? Perhaps a better way to end your Uganda safari adventure. While travelling within Kampala, we recommend that you maintain appropriate level of common sense as you’d do elsewhere. Kampala is considered very safe to the African standards and is among the few African cities where can enjoy a length city trek instead of taking a taxi.

Kampala city is located at a 1220 meter altitude and was named from alocal spoken luganda phrase that says “Kasozi k’empala” which is translated as the “hill of Impalas” – an antelope species. It experiences average temperatures which don’t usually exceed 30°C making this a wonderful destination with an ideal all-year round tourist city tours.

The green side of Kampala city.

The green side of Kampala city.

After your landing at Entebbe international airport, Kampala city is located only 34 kilometers north. On any trip to Uganda, it’s very possible to spend a night in the city at the starting or finishing of any Uganda tour. Several travelers opt to stay in the city Center and pleasure in its vibrant sights & sounds, while others prefer to stay in the suburbs yet still others rather being near Entebbe by the Shores of the legendary Lake Victoria. You can alternatively journey 90km east of the capital Kampala to the adventure capital of Africa at Jinja. Tourists here enjoy lots of adrenaline like White Water Rafting, bungee jumping, kayaking on the great river Nile. For your trip to discover the natural and rural fabrics of Uganda’s endowed natural forest, think about adding Kampala experience to your wildlife safari? Kampala should not just be looked at as a stopover as it has quite a lot offer you.Let us know about it,Karibu!!

Happy valentine's week into the untamed wild places of Uganda.

Love needs to be abit wild,have you ever thought about having ataste of love in the wild Places of Africa? May be this special valentine's week is for you or somebody you love.Perhaps this is your time to feel the romance while being intimate,charming and free together into the gifted pearl of Africa after those busy days that ushered us into the new year 2018.

Valentine special week in the wild..jpg

Uganda wildlife Authority is welcoming people to celebrate valentine's week into all her ten world classic endless national parks and 12 wildlife sanctuaries. Have been on an African safari experience that definitely missed Uganda? The spirit for every safari experience is alive game experience in Uganda. Imagine the whole days gentle encounter with Mountain gorillas of Uganda,this is why you must think of areturn journey.

The time spent on currently reffered to as "the greatest of the wildlife trails" experiences inside the gorilla high lands will always be magical,humbling and quite emotional.Without doors and bars, you will find yourself amidst a habituated family of mountain gorillas and the Silverback is flexible to tolerate your presence this Valentine's week into his natural home in Uganda.

Have alook at our proposed eleven days itinerary to Uganda designed for you and your loved one, this is a flexible route commencing at any time an inquiry shows up. Instinct safaris have taken time to craft this vacation itinerary while considering:activities off the beaten trails,Uganda’s pristine wilderness regions,nice sandy beached tropical islands in the sun,splendid scenic wonders,Endless lakes such as Victoria,Magical mystical lakes such as Lake Mutanda and Lake Bunyonyi,tropical forests,Indigenous places and cultures to be identified from other safari goers.

Enjoy reading through our Eleven days Uganda wildlife, beach life,people and culture experiencing trip!

Day one for your welcome to the pearl of Africa: Our guide will be available for tourist’s reception at Kigali international airport in Rwanda and be ready to transfer to south western Uganda where most of the activities will be carried from. Our intentions to fly in from Rwanda at Kibali while flying out from the Ugandan side on the last day at Entebbe is based on the distances involved and connecting to wildlife trails in the Albertine Rift valley, hours spent on the road trip and scenic opportunities. Driving from Kampala to Kisoro will take more than ten hours on the road where as Kigali to Kisoro takes not more than five hours hence more reliable for the tourists’ peace of the mind. After crossing to Uganda with a standard east African tourists visa which allows multiple entries to Uganda, Rwanda or Kenya at 100$ for a period of three months, we will finally arrive at our lodge in Kisoro town bordering the foot hill of the volcanoes forming the virunga massif bordering three countries i.e. Rwanda, D.R.Congo and Uganda.

Day Two is for your first ultimate gorilla experience in the pearl of Africa:This day is meant for your first opportunity to track the endemic mountain gorillas in their natural habitats. After breakfast you leave to the forest with your guide and trackers to allocate the mountain gorillas. After finding them you will be allowed one hour of photography, learning, asking questions, cool down and interactions. At the base of Gahinga range you will learn more from your guide of the day, the process of vulcanicity that led to features of this forest, the relation of a crater lake at the summit of Muhavura and a crater swamp at Gahinga in relation to Mutanda Lake where you will canoe trek on its salty and volcanic waters.

Day Three is for your community experience and canoe trekking into the pearl of Africa:After breakfast from our lodge we will drive to meet our local community guide at the shores of lake Mutanda at Hakaboko landing village. With our dugout canoes and all gears necessary for the cone trekking you will listen to the briefing from your guide getting ready to start the trek. Celebration badges will be worn by couples with name tags like just got married, happy Birthday, Congratulations etc as you get started .Your trekking will take you through an exploration of all islands inside the lake learning about flora and fauna of this amazing part of the virunga massif with an enriched back in history experience. After the exercise we will join one of the peninsular for lake side OBWATO PICNIC LUNCH, this will involve menus of local specialties served hot at the lake shore and enjoyed inside the tree dugout canoe.

Day Four is for you to penetrate the impenetrable Bwindi forest on the second mountain gorilla experience into the pearl of Africa:Today is the big day… prepares you for an encounter with one of Bwindi’s gentle giants: the endangered mountain gorilla. For most people this is the absolute highlight of their tour in Uganda. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest boasts both mountain gorillas and chimpanzees - the only forest in Africa which can make this claim. It also hosts five other species of primate, 113 species of mammal, over 200 butterflies and 360 birds. The gorillas you track belong to one of habituated family groups who can tolerate the presence of humans for a brief period every day. The time taken to track the gorillas can be as few as 2 hours to as many as 7 hours. Once the gorillas have been located, your group will be allowed a maximum of one hour with them. Coming face-to-face with a mountain gorilla is a truly humbling and emotional experience. This is a fantastic and privileged opportunity to get up close and personal with Uganda’s very own ‘Gorillas in the Mist’.

Day Five is for Batwa forest experience into the rural and natural fabrics of the pearl of Africa:Your village exploration will be dominated by a morning forest Batwa experience inside Buniga forest; sharing wild experience with the original forest dwellers will bring you closer to see the forest through the eyes of the Batwa people socially, economically and their current participation in responsible ecotourism in the region. We will drive back to the lodge for lunch and relax at our balcony with either Bwindi or the Congo rift valley view to be joined by the local cultural dancing extravaganza at the romantic camp fire. This performance will be carried out by selected groups from all indigenous habitants around Bwindi conservation area, you will enjoy the performance taking photographs while having a cup of coffee or having a glass of wine.

Day six is for Lake Bunyonyi discovery trip into the pearl of Africa:After breakfast we will join the gentle drive to Rubuguri eco-tourism village, the next part will slope before reaching the main road in vast green landscapes while leaving Bwindi forest behind to be welcomed in Kabale the capital of Kigezi termed as the Switzerland of Africa by the ancient great explorer sir Winston Churchill. Here you will check in your lodge and have the sundowner experience amidst the flying jewels of Africa’s second deepest lake.

Day Eight is for your Lake Mburo game watching experince:After breakfast, we will join the dugout canoe to discover this second deepest lake in Africa .After we will have our lunch alongside the lake shore and choose if want to jump in the waters of this lake for a swim however you are not advisable to swim vertical due to depth of the lake. We will transfer to Lake Mburo national park after lunch for an evening game watching experience inside the forest.

Day Nine is for your wild walk and transfer to sese islands into the pearl of Africa:After a healthy breakfast we will walk with wild animals on an early morning graze before sunrise, giraffes, zebras, topis and waterbucks will be among our walk mates for this day. We will join the drive the equator experience while crossing Masaka after to Entebbe and finally arrive at Nakiwogo before 2:oopm to meet the ferry to Bugala island.The evening will be enjoyed by feeling the fresh breathe as you sail across the second biggest fresh water lake in the world sighting water birds,and beaches of the sese archipelago consisting of 84 islands in the north western part of lake Victoria.The journey to the lutoboka landing site in Kalangara District takes 3 hours of fresh breeze

Day Ten is for your whole day beach exploration tour:After breakfast the whole day is reserved for you to explore the tropical beached islands of lake Victoria, the choice remains between island nature walk,birding,swimming,sun bathing,sport fishing on catch and release and later  enjoy your romantic dinner while on the camp fire in this haven of wild waters and whispers of the wild

Day Eleven is for your transfer back to Entebbe, picnic lunch together and airport drop off thus ending your 11 days experience into the beautiful endowed pearl of Africa:After breakfast we will check out from the hotel and head back to the ferry, board at 8: oo am EAT and we sail again on the waters of Lake Victoria for three hours back to Nakiwogo landing site. You will meet your guide and get back on the drive to Lake Heights hotel crystal cocktail party on the pool side before the next drive to the departure terminal to successful check in for the connecting flight back home.

Feel free to contact us about this tour,our team will be able to explain all about the trip inclusive,what is not excluded, visa handling and quotes per person.Transport is fully secured and  provided to each interested party in our safari customized 4X4 Land cruiser.Our responsible and enthusiastic team of safari guides will escort all the tours for all the days. Remember instinct safaris have various forms of wild excursions and you can browse through all of them on this website,what about requesting for your free offer?Let us hear about it,together we will tailor it into that quite rewarding and memorable safari experience to Uganda,Rwanda and D.R.Congo.Karibuni!

Uganda safaris for beginners.

Is Uganda on your tour bucket list for your African safari? Here are six (6) travel tips to consider for Uganda trip planning.We hope these will help you to achieve positive safari memories on your Uganda active vacation for the first time travelers/safari goers.

Tourists' fascinating moments at the top of the falls-Uganda/photo provided by Herbert.

Tourists' fascinating moments at the top of the falls-Uganda/photo provided by Herbert.

Thinking about a trip to Uganda for the first time? Travelling to a new country can be both exciting and frustrating at the same time. For the first time safari goers  visiting Uganda, they need to do so comparing experience like going elsewhere in the world. Its the joy of every tourist to kick out the frustrations from the trip experience.  A trip to Africa to more people is always for a life time hence for the first time goers, they need to ensure proper planning as a key strategy to only experience the exciting part of their trip to Uganda.

Uganda is straddled along the Equator in the interlacustrine regions of East Africa with more than 52 linguistic classes of hospitable local people, open Savannah plains, a fusion of green rolling hills and tropical rain forests both are permanent shelters to amazing gym of Flora and Fauna some only restricted to this country.

Safaris planned to Uganda will never disappoint, tourists coming to Uganda for their first time will find it satisfying,quite live and wild. Through our responsible Eco-ventures platform at Instinct safaris, every itinerary is an individual’s experience tailored to suit the safari interest. Through doing so, we have come up with 6 travel planning  tips to ease your dream and experience for first time travelling to Uganda.

Luxury lounge for your safari setting in the wild.

Luxury lounge for your safari setting in the wild.

First time goers to the pearl of Africa can admit after their trip memories that proper planning is the source of joy for happy travelling. Every safari enthusiast will never get out of research about their tour to come and this is always recommended for more trip benefits. Tourists need to know It’s always important to ponder on a few issues before you even start planning and packing for your Uganda safaris.

First time tourists to Uganda for example  need to decide among the options available, there are a lot the country can offer for travelers and questions like what type and kind of adventure are you interested in? When it comes to spending time on the top global wildlife trails is it the mountain gorillas experience or the trekking while in the gorilla highlands?

First time travelers to Uganda need to have in mind the understanding of the contrasts of their trip between a well packaged safari experiences for lifetime memories to a site seeing tour. This is where Uganda shines with her 10 iconic wildlife parks and 12 wildlife sanctuaries all meant for wildlife conservation, here tourists enjoy exclusive Big Game safaris and sightseeing tours?  

Money is another consideration, how much are you willing to spend while on your trip? This will make sense after deciding on the trip inclusive as it’s through the safari inclusions that the final price can be quoted. As tourists who have traveled to various countries where the power to bargain is so strong, tourist activities in Uganda are determined by the Government and you might find this not very cheap like 600$ for one mountain gorilla trekking permit. Always ask your operator for clear understanding of the included activities to get a value for money quote not to escape an activity as this will duplicate the trip.

How many pax are willing to take on this safari to Uganda? This will reduce for final quote per person and don’t forget to let your tour operator know any special requirements like diet etc.?

A safari to Uganda is beyond the Big Game,what about the little game and flying colours of Uganda? 

A safari to Uganda is beyond the Big Game,what about the little game and flying colours of Uganda? 

How to enjoy the best of Uganda for the first time travelers/safari goers. Through our experience, we have come up with these 6 travel tips to ease your planning while positively impacting safari benefits for your Uganda trip of a lifetime experience.

Getting a Yellow Fever Vaccine: In early 2016, the government of Uganda authorised that all travelers to Uganda must get a yellow fever vaccine. A proof of yellow fever vaccination card will be required and must be presented at all Ugandan entry and exit points. If it’s your first time travelling to Uganda, make sure to get a yellow fever vaccine at your local medical Center before your tour commences preferably a week before taking on your trip. Even though there is a possibility that you can also get this vaccine at the border points and airports to Uganda, we do advise you to bring one in advance. 

Preparing for the local Ugandan Weather: If it’s your first time travelling to Uganda, make sure to check what weather to expect online and feel free to ask your tour operator in case of any question. Uganda is blessed with a conducive climate throughout the year, note that different regions of the country will experience different climatic conditions and in different months of the year which is essential for your trip packing.

If your trip to Uganda is scheduled as from June to August and December to February, expect to experience hot and dry weather with temperature ranging from 16-27 degrees Celsius. Carry a sun hut, sunscreen and light clothing during this season and ask your operator and more details will be described according to your tour route plan.

Please note that Uganda is a pretty faith based laid-back country where the majority are the Christianity and therefore take a smart choice to respect the locals and their cultures by refraining from wearing too short clothes and anything that have the breasts displaying in public.

The wet season in Uganda runs from March to May and September to November. If travelling during this season, make sure to budget for an umbrella and gumboots. You don’t really need extra warm clothes since temperatures will still be high. You will also need to budget for a 4X4 car hire if you already don’t have one as most dirt roads are impassable during this season. Thanks to our fleet, you will always have choices between Landrover defender and land cruiser fully safari optmised for your comfort while travelling with us.

Exchanging your Monies at a Forex Bureau and in the city: The local currency of Uganda is the Uganda Shilling simplified as UGX. Travelers to Uganda are advised to exchange thri moneys at only Forex Bureau allocated throughout the country. Tourists need to note, the exchange rate depreciates with how far you travel from the main town and there are other exchange places which we call black market and don’t recommend though sometime can give you ahigher rate. Such places operate illegally and are risky as they are not licensed and regulated the main commercial reserve of the Bank of Uganda.

Tourists will use the Uganda Shilling to ride boda bodas, pay taxis, buy asovenir, I tracked Mountain gorillas in Uganda T-shirt, eat at local hotels and basically get an exchange of goods and services.  If travelling by road, be rest assured you will find ‘money men’ at the border points like Busia and Malaba in yellow jackets. You can exchange your money with them but be on high alert during calculations. They can easily tell if it’s your first time travelling to Uganda and give you a raw deal. We highly recommend you to change your monies at a Forex bureau for best rates and transparency and tell it to your safari guide after reception, he will be able to identify one for you before leaving the main towns to the wild where your itinerary will concentrate.

Tourist alone time for the Big Tuskers of Uganda.

Tourist alone time for the Big Tuskers of Uganda.

Avoid taking Photos at Unrestricted Areas: We understand that photosque moments are the best closure to every safari experience; you will be required to take photos of any kind mostly in the wild but please note that it is a crime in Uganda to take photos of sensitive government administered grounds. These areas will include border points, military institutions and police stations, courts and even airports that run both civil and military flights such as the Gulu airport etc. Perpetrators will be prosecuted and fined whether it will be your first time travelling to Uganda or not, in case you are not familiar in your destination don’t hesitate to ask your guide.

Learning a little bit of Local language: Uganda is a country with different dialect, people in Uganda speak more than 50 local languages and this means every time you cross from one activity area to another you’re likely to witness another language. Why this matter, speaking little of the local language will bring you closer into the rural places of Uganda while blending with hospitable tribes.

Local Languages like Luganda will aid your tourist experience on your first reception into the country at Entebbe international airport. Since the cosmopolitan city of Kampala is a territory of Buganda kingdom, you will benefit from the interaction with locals on your Kampala city tour while speaking some Luganda verbs like: Sir  Ssebo,Madam/Miss – Nyabo, Hi – Ki Kati,Thankyou – Weebale, Excuse me – Owange etc. If it’s your first time travelling to Uganda, we recommend that you learn a little bit of a local language and your tour operator can help you with some verbs depending on the course of your itinerary to allow you to maneuver. Most business people in Uganda will understand Basic English but it will be easier for you if you know a little Luganda. Android users can download the Luganda – English translator on Google play as well.

Always Book your safari with alocal  Uganda Tour Operator: Uganda safaris are open for both travelers from everywhere on the globe, tourist can discover Uganda themselves but for the first time safari enthusiasts. It’s always recommended that you book your travel through a local tours and travel operator and in advance. Most of the tourists book their adventure with a tour operator since this is always the recommended idea but remember local tour operators have all the required indigenous knowledge for your experience. When it comes to safari booking aspects like lodgings, activities and transport in Uganda have to be pre-booked.

It’s always a brilliant idea to book your tour with a recognized agent/local tour operator who embraces responsible eco-tourism through every itinerary and tourists doing this will find themselves supporting all wildlife and people. The current tradition of travel is impacting local lives differently and your role as a tourist remains to immerse, challenge and discover the rural and natural fabrics of Uganda  if well-tailored and booked in advance.

Tourist alone time at the verandah of a luxury lodge tucked in the African wild places.

Tourist alone time at the verandah of a luxury lodge tucked in the African wild places.

Local tour operators make sense in various ways; think about the dirt roads, some with no sign posts, etc. You might want to use the GPS to get to the safari destinations; will that help you to track those animals? 97% of tourists who come to Uganda always use a tour company and we kindly advise against going on your own.All our responsible team of Eco-cadres and safari guides at instinct safaris wish you happy and adventurous travels to Uganda. We hope these facts will help you to achieve that long awaited for dream trip to Uganda. Feel free to share with us your experience on your first time travelling to Uganda in the commentary thread down below. Feel free to also add any key points we might have left out. Karibu!