Top choices for Tailored tours to Africa for an exciting, comfortable, wild and free festive season.

Celebrate this Christmas with tailored safaris choices from the rural and natural fabrics of traditional and rural Africa.

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How can you have this festive season as your Special time only meant not to harm mother nature? Are you ready for game watching in Africa or you want it still to be that moment of grabbing the hand of aloved one and enter that mall for shopping and stocking your wardrobes?

We are living in anera where the world is struggling with dumping and pollution.Why not getting out for  that Christmas excitement while in the forested areas of Africa with instinct safaris meeting people, tasting a mouth watering meal delicately prepared and contributing to wildlife conservation and the locals who have kept them for you?

We hope this would have been the best for everybody this festive season instead of joining millions of people who are contributing to the tons of waste through burning fuel, using plastics, buying unnecessary goods etc in the name of celebrating Christmas and the new year 2018.You can choose to act now by taking the path less visited to save our biodiversity while you celebrate this Christmas with a safari booked to Africa.

For tourists who are wild at heart, Africa is the safari destination for your travel-lust. From the walking journeys of the pre-colonial times meant to put the life of Big wild animals at risk,the present safari language is for responsible eco-tourism, the animals who were threatened with ancient hunting safaris are now the top priority to be conserved in their natural forest very wild and free roaming.

Safaris to Africa today are meant to have you on one of the conservation excursions while having fun!, when you visit them, you conserve them and their territories. With no doubt safaris are one of the reformed ways to keep these wild animals monitored under tourist’s visits and ranger patrols.

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Your safari in Africa is not for the Khaki lovers, it’s for those who want to witness and feel the nature’s romance on how deeper their travel passion can take them. While on your wildlife trip in Africa, you find comfort in the wilderness.

Networks of luxury, medium and budget lodges will give you that special wild treat, even though you’re far from home they make sure you don’t lose athing.

After all travelling is all about discovering and exposure, from the glamorous city life, to tropical blanketed rain forests, savannah plains, and heath and moor lands on top of the volcanic rocks of the virunga massif to crystal clear waters for your boat cruise along the world’s longest waters of the Mighty River Nile.

For most of the tourists exploring Uganda’s varied array of wildlife, landscapes and hospitable tribes, among all safari versions a tailored safari combines your preferences for your lifetime experience.

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Sincerely speaking this is your safari and it must be your experience, we are just there to fine-tune your trip ideas into that memorable and desirable lifetime tour to Africa.

Top choices for tailored safaris to Africa: At Instinct safaris we are familiar with these landscapes right from birth and we hope you will look at them beyond our ordinary encounters; we are not looking forward to sell tours to each or everybody atall.

Our major role is to assist everybody achieve his/her dream trip and we do this through incorporating our long time experiences while putting up the best safari choices when it comes to activities, accommodation and transport as three major safari inclusives to consider.

On our website instinct we have defined travel itineraries to Uganda, Rwanda and D.R.Congo. We take them to be templates to provide major tour highlights to you from each safari destination from the start of the route to the end on your specific travel itinerary.

Don’t forget to note that our participation remains free of charge until we agree on your final layout of your itinerary where terms and conditions of the booking process will be met as identified in here.

Our tailored tours concentrate on five major considerations. We take care of each traveler’s;

  • Interests,
  • Expectations
  • Time of the travel,
  • Estimated budget
  • And number of people taking the itinerary.

Our tourists get full opportunity to design his or her itinerary as our role is to give guidance with our expertise of the local knowledge.

Dedicated members of staff from instinct safaris team central reservations in Kampala or the Main reservation Base in Switzerland. Both are spearheaded by Rabani and Niels and they will be available 12/7. At all offices we work on tailored safari versions to provide our clientele networks with all the supportive information for their wildlife encounters in Africa, game viewing in Uganda, Rwanda and D.R.Congo including Gorilla trips.

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Your lifetime tour to Africa will be a mixture of cultures to discover and places to explore besides scenarios of live streams of game viewing inside natural forest tracks concentrating on Africa’s open Savannah plains and tropical rain forests. Such landscapes are known to shelter healthy numbers of wild animals which are not found anywhere on the planet earth.

We wish you nice celebrations as you travel! Niels and Rabani-your travel buddy-Karibu.

Top ideas for Tours to Uganda beyond Mountain Gorillas trekking experience.

Trip ideas to Discover Uganda beyond mountain gorillas.

Rwenzori trip

Tourist discovering the pearl of Africa will find it packaged to reality with form, version, taste and everything in one place beyond the mountain gorilla which more still suggest as the platinum activity for all safari goers' stepping into the interior of Africa to Uganda.

For holiday makers looking for live safari experiences and lifetime trip memories; this is where Uganda safari shines with limited flow of tourists per conservation areas. Among the 10 world classic national parks and 12 wildlife sanctuaries, wildlife enthusiasts will consider travelling to Uganda a contrast of a site seeing tour to a lifetime trip experience tucked into the remote corner of the World.

Travelling to Uganda is captivated by the hospitable people who will be glad to welcome you and happily show you their amazing landscapes, from the crystal clear waters to the endless green rolling seven hills of Kampala after reception at Entebbe international airport at the shores of the largest Fresh water Lake Victoria.

Safaris to Uganda are truly live with varied array of wildlife in the untamed conservation forests, tourists to the country realize that the country has much to offer more than the gorillas for which the country has been widely known.

Uganda has been ranked as the safest and best safari destination in Africa competing with big safari giants like South Africa, Botswana etc. only because of the gorillas but a complement of other tourist features that make Uganda a unique tourism destination to visit atleast once.

Uganda is considered to be among the most sought safaris destinations because of its diversity and the locals’ active participation in responsible Eco-tourism which brought Wildlife threats like poaching and encroachment to a controlled level in all the conservation forests.

In today’s write-up we look at destination Uganda beyond gorilla mountain gorilla trekking, remember this ultimate gorilla experience is only doable in the two parks of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga gorilla national park in Uganda, whereas in D.R.Congo Virunga forest is a natural home to healthy families of Mountain gorillas and Volcanoes NP In case of Rwanda.

We bring to your attention the true understanding of safari to Uganda, varied tourist activities and attractions that you can truly discover Uganda or take a combined itinerary with gorilla trekking in Uganda.

Winston Churchill in his write ups named Uganda as the “pearl of Africa” meaning that this country offers a lot beyond gorilla trekking safaris. There is no doubt that gorilla trekking is one of the most sought-after activity in Uganda but beyond gorilla tracking, Uganda boasts of a number of tourist atttractions in the names of nature and cultures to be explored during your tour to Uganda.

Chimpanzee habituation experience : Uganda is also famously known as the “primate capital of Africa” and beyond gorillas, you can track chimpanzees of Kibale Forest National Park, Kyambura Gorge in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth national Park, Kalinzu forest and Budongo Forest.

Golden Monkey tracking the Virunga: Golden monkey tracking in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and as such there is much you can do while on tour to Uganda and that’s why at Instinct safaris you're given afree chance to request for atailor made Uganda tour packages that are just way beyond gorilla trekking.

Prolific games drive in the savannah plains and observe the prowling lion prides: One can also enjoy wildlife watching in national parks of Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls, and Lake Mburo on a game drive or boat cruise on water bodies in these National Parks.

Uganda is ahub for mountain climbing lovers, Uganda boasts of a number of mountains like the volcanoes of Muhavura, Sabinyo, Mgahinga in southwestern Uganda and mountain Elgon in eastern Uganda. You can also hike to the top of Mountain Rwenzori that is 5901m above sea level which is also the longest block mountain range in Africa.

Batwa forest experience: Your Beyond gorilla trekking in Uganda trip experience in Uganda will feature off-beat trails in remote corners of African countries with the most hospitable people on the African continent with over 65 tribal groups. Considered as the keepers of the forest, they have  amazing cultures and norms. Welcome to Uganda!Just ask us how.

Mgahinga golden views.
Lake Mutanda.
Tourist alone time in the volcanoes.

Top Uganda flyingin safari choice. Aerolink scheduled and charter flights in Uganda.

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Come to Uganda and witness how remote your travel passion can take you while in the sky.

For wildlife enthusiasts spending their vacation in the pearl of Africa,time spent with Aerolink flights over naturally endowed Uganda’s sky is quite magical. AeroLink Uganda Limited is a domestic airline offering both scheduled and charter flights into Uganda's sky to all 10 world classic national parks and 12 wildlife sanctuaries.

From its main base at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda at the shore of the Greatest fresh water body Lake Victoria, tourists have the opportunity to book a flying in safari and explore the tranquil wildest and remote places of Uganda.

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 AeroLink connects to all the national parks of Uganda including offbeat-trails on how far and remote tourists can feel in love with Uganda's vast array of wildlife, these domestic flights are carried out  using their effectively maintained fleets-Cessna Grand Caravans type.

Tourists daily flights offered include both short and long flights within all major touristic points of the pearl of Africa, the route from Entebbe international airport  to the Greatest wildlife trails of Uganda is the most admired one considering the more than 10 hours of the time involved for the road trip to Bwindi impenetrable national park.

For tourists coming to spend their vacation to Uganda, ahumbling majestic encounter with the mountain gorillas is quite memorable and a life time experience not to miss on any safari to Uganda.

Through Aerolink daily flights, tourists less of time have the advantages of booking a shorter route to the ultimate Ugandan Mountain gorilla experience with an add-on to connect to other parks of Uganda hence avoiding the unnecessary driving time on the trip to Bwindi impenetrable national park and beyond. There are higher chances of reducing the risks of tear and wear as would have been the case on the road trip.

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However your considerations of a flying safari and road trip while booking your trip to Uganda must be a matter of choice. Each safari version has its own challenges and disadvantages, while considering how quick and easy flights will take you to Bwindi     for your gorilla encounters, the hours needed on the road to the same destination in Uganda’s western conservation circuit is quite magical with endless travel ideas.

The driving experience on the paved road from Entebbe will take you through the cosmopolitan and glamorous capital city of Uganda, here the traditional dwellers and their ancient monarchs of the Baganda tribe of the dominant Bantu class on the African continent live in harmony with modern era of advanced knowledge and technology a must do experience on your Kampala city tour.

From here the drive will lead you to the Equator crossing experience, the meandering scenic route takes you through the rolling greenery before coming to savannah plains of Mbarara with a stopover at a green restaurant for your lunch order with options of tasting a Ugandan delicately prepared menu and later you are ushered into the Great explorers footsteps Kigezi highlands that were reffered to as the Switzerland of Uganda by the Royal geographical explorer Sir Winston Churchill.

All Our itineraries and stationed safari guides will welcome you on this route into Bwindi Impenetrable Forest at two airfields of Kihihi in Kanungu for trekkers to the North Buhoma and East-Ruhija of the forest, whereas for tourists spending their time with Mountain gorillas in the South of Bwindi at Nkuringo, Nyabaremura and Rushaga entry points Kisoro airstrip at Nyakabande is the best choice. Travelers need to note that from this point it easy to track mountain gorillas in Mgahinga and connect to the foot hill of the volcanoes national park in Rwanda as the next destination.

Aerolink options for travelers coming to explore the medley of wonders in Queen Elizabeth National Park will fly at Kasese and Mweya airstrips, Murchison Falls trip experience is serviced with Bugungu, Pakuba and Chobe airstrips.

Tourists discovering the desolate tropical Albertine rift valley at Semuliki National Park their daily flights land at Semliki airstrip.

For the wildlife tourists looking for the remote and wild trip experinces to the remote and far point of northern Uganda to Kidepo Valley National Park, Apoka airstrip is serviced for flights and you will always be met with our enthusiastic safari guide for your trip experiences.

  • Aerolink caravans are recommended for providing sheer comfort and excitement as passengers are able to fly with the pilots as a result of the clear glass cockpit.
  • AeroLink flights in Uganda are approximately an hour and fifteen minutes to each destination from main operating base at Entebbe international airport thus ensuring clients arrive at their destination feeling refreshed and energized to proceed on their wilderness itinerary.
  • With Aerolink daily flights, one can experience the expressive brown eyes of gorillas one day and the exhilarating white water rafting the next then to the prowling lions in the Ugandan savannah.
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SAFETY AND SECURITY:  Safety and security are of paramount importance thus Aerolink aircraft are thoroughly inspected by highly trained engineers to ensure our passengers enjoy consistently smooth safe flights. All aircraft passengers and third parties are insured in the London underwriting market through Aerolink brokers Willis London.

For trekkers on aquick mountain gorilla experince to Bwindi south:

Aerolink flights from Kisoro flights leave at 9:00 Am and land in Entebbe at 11:30 Am, whether to proceed to other safari destinations or connecting flight back home.

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Private charters can be arranged, with your preferences and expectations you can get a private caravan to all major conservation areas of Uganda.

Due to its central location on the continent, Uganda is sharing the Great lakes regions of Africa with only two major and closest International Airports, Entebbe international airport in Uganda and Kanombe Kigali international airport in Rwanda.

Both are serviced to an international travel expectation with both big and small travel companies operating regular flights from all corners of the Earth.

Presently there are more airlines combining Kigali and Entebbe at once and the introduction of a single standard tourist visa is a no hassle travel deal for combination tours to all the 3 East African states.

Tourists can also consider arrival in one airport/destination and departure from another. Rwanda Air Express is currently operating nonstop direct flights which reduce tourists’ flight time; more tourists will find accessing Uganda or Rwanda quite easy and will spend more of their time in the wild places.

Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge. A well managed reputable safari lodge embracing responsible Eco-tourism experiences in the Pearl of Africa.

If it's scenic, it's nice, it's comfortable,it's big!

Come stay for awhile at Nkuringo bwindi lodge! Set in the natural environment to the rugged Bwindi terrain, at 2,161 above sea level is the result of the Great East African Rift valley escarpments. Nkuringo Bwindi lodge is overlooking a natural panorama on both sides, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to more than half of the currently 1,000 mountain gorillas is the hotel’s natural boundary in the north, the Virunga massif of the 8 gallant extinct volcanoes and the crystal clear waters of lake Mutanda form a permanent scale in the south.

To the East  of Nkuringo Bwindi lodge are the continuously community settlement patterns of locals sharing a boundary with Bwindi forest and the west part from this hotel is a natural permanent bed lock standing out loud and the low lying rift valley of the Congo green belts stretching from Ituri to  Virunga forest.

The long way memories to responsible Eco-tourism:

The dream trip of a sole traveler who spent most of his time around Nkuringo backpacking (Robert-RIP), aone man’s step in the rugged remote lands of Bwindi south is the dream that have shaped the current  management of Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge.

After Robert’s years of strong and vivid initiatives to uplift the conservation candle encouraging active community participation and responsible eco-tourism in the remote Nteko Ridge, a well-trained and skilled team of reformed walking guides and hoteliers were left in place now celebrating his tremendous efforts through their responsible conservation missions highlighted by their daily active participation in guiding and serving tourists visiting Nkuringo Bwindi lodge with smiles.

Tourists spending an overnight at Nkuringo Bwindi Lodge will find it Perched at an altitude of 2161 m a.s.l. making it a must for the 360 degrees scenic wonders of Golden and silver views. The hotel altitude is a barrier to mosquito breeding hence no mosquitos residing at the lodge.

Ashort trekking amidst a mosaic of natural plants forming an intrepid trail to the top of heaven is a photographic hidden gym-at this highest point in the area enables tourists to enjoy superb views of the forested hill locally known as ‘Nkuringo”, the Kashasha River Valley, the magnificent Virunga Volcanoes, the world-renowned Bwindi forest and the Great Albertine Rift Valley.

Nkuringo Bwindi Lodge can be accessible on the global position, GPS Coordinates: S 01° 05’ 05” E 29° 37’ 52”

Why Nkuringo Bwindi lodge for your lifetime experience;-15 Photosque moments for your special treat.

Located in a renowned Biosphere and UNESCO World Heritage Site

Gorillas in the mist.jpg

Cozy duvets to ward off the chill

Romantic lighting to celebrate.jpg

The sight of the sundowner over the volcanoes glowing red.

Albertine sundowners..jpg

Clean wash rooms deserved after Bwindi forest hike

Clean washing.jpg

Probably the most comfortable medium lodge in the Bwindi area

Friendly and polite welcoming memories.jpg

Aromantic hideaway for your honeymooning meal at the forested Verandah.

In harmony with nature.jpg

A camp fire for your cold evening.

Memories of the tropican camp fire  for the evening cold breeze.jpg

One of the world’s most stunning views

Seeing the whole natural world through your eyes.jpg

Your own personal butler

Tailored personal service.jpg

The flexible medium lodge in Uganda

The panoramic safari ambiance.jpg

Big hand crafted cottages.

Traditionally hand crafted big enough cottages.jpg

Community partnership and involvement

Travel like alocal.jpg

In partnership with local communities

From poaching to dancing celebrating conservation.jpg

Award-winning lodge

Award winning facility.jpg

Steps away from the Nkuringo trailhead for gorilla tracking

Mountain gorillas of Uganda

ACCESSIBILITY: Nkuringo Bwindi Lodge can be accessible throughout the year on all itineraries, the closeness to the border with Rwanda and D.R.Congo makes it a perfect hub for combo tours to Uganda, Rwanda and D.R.C without struggling. The hotel can be accessed by Road trip and both flying in at Nyakabande airfield in Kisoro.

Road trip enthusiasts will enjoy the approximately 550 km (8-9 hours) from Kampala, both options have unique points to offer to a tourist. Being on a paved-tarmac road from the cosmopolitan city of Uganda Kampala provides fascinating tourists experiences like crossing the Equator, enjoying the scenic natural wonders of road trip ideas and don’t forget the joy of a discovery road side tourism, stopping at a green restaurant for a hot lunch order with options to taste Uganda’s delicacy at hand etc. However you must note how long it will take you, the risk of tear and wear just in case.

From Nkuringo Bwindi Lodge is 35km (1 ½ hours by 4x4) to Kisoro, currently this portion is set on an unpaved road seasonally maintained, however the government of Republic of Uganda is currently in negotiations through Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) to have it paved for a smoother touristic experience.

Nkuringo Bwindi Lodge is the most preffered medium hotel for tourists looking for two mountain gorilla experiences in Rwanda’s Volcanoes and Uganda’s Bwindi forest, the 170km on road trip takes between 5-6 hours – including border crossing at Kyanika from Kigali via Kisoro route. This way tourists benefit from the reduced mountain gorilla permits in Uganda at 600$ one hour trekking or 1,500$ for a whole day mountain gorilla experience after spending the same fees for one trekking in Rwanda, more tourists feel stepping into western Uganda to feel a gorilla experience in a difference style.

By Air: From Entebbe international airport at the shore of the largest global fresh water body lakes, there domestic daily scheduled flights with Aerolink.

A flying in safari from Entebbe in the morning to Nkuringo Bwindi lodge leave every day at 7:30 am and arrive in Kisoro Airstrip at 9 :00 am.

From your flight, meet our stationed safari guide and transfer to Bwindi impenetrable national park in the southern sector at Nkuringo.Enjoy your lifetime trip with safari experts, ask us how. Karibu!