Throw in just 1,500$ and qualify to spend 3 days on your mountain gorilla trekking tour.An offer equivalent to one single person mountain gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda,this is real!

Seeing the whole natural world through your eyes while at the spacious accommodation tucked at the forest Boundary of Buhoma Haven lodge.

Seeing the whole natural world through your eyes while at the spacious accommodation tucked at the forest Boundary of Buhoma Haven lodge.

With only 1,500$ Join other tourist’s on a thrilling 3 days tour to the mountain gorillas. I wildlife tours I Game viewing safaris I Big five safari I Cultural tours I community experience I Mountain gorilla trekking I tours to Uganda and Rwanda.3 days mountain gorilla tour to Uganda.

Effective May 2017 Rwanda increased mountain gorilla permits to 1,500$ per person to track the gentle giants into the volcanoes national park in Rwanda, a fee which still is geared for her as national to be able to conserve while providing enough to the locals who are always on the forefront of such a conservation effort according to Conservation authorities of Rwanda.Yes they do provide projects in turn to communities mostly living in remote conservation wilderness areas like safe drinking water, health, education, capacity building etc which is a very good reason why they hiked the permit fees.

After almost four months we came to understand the need to cater for people who are thinking about mountain gorilla trekking as alife time dream but looking at the fees they think this is impossible.

At instinct safaris we are currently featuring totally discounted 3 days mountain gorilla itinerary as part  of  the  United  Nations  declaration  of 2017  as  the  international  year  of sustainable tourism for development.

Time to relax-Mountain gorillas of Rushaga Bwindi forest

Time to relax-Mountain gorillas of Rushaga Bwindi forest

We call upon potential tourists  interested in such an opportunity students,budget travelers etc to contact us for this 10 pax sharing 3 days group tour which will be active for only two months of OCTOBER and NOVEMBER 2017 while we all advance the universal 2030 UN agenda.

Starting from now we will be receiving inquiries for interested tourists for those two  months put aside, our three days tour to Bwindi forest . Your time will be meant for sustainable development impacting lives and conservation in Uganda as you travel.  

This itinerary is here below and will be  open on our website throughout the calendar year for our  2017 celebration and promotion of the contributions the tourism sector can make to build a better world.  

Again participating into this eco-safaris is a unique  responsibility to you as a tourist to build a more responsible and committed tourism sector that can capitalize its immense potential in terms of economic prosperity, social inclusion, peace and understanding, cultural and environmental preservation.

Instinct safaris carry all the safaris in an environmental friendly manner and invite all the partners and potential tourists to join this itinerary with only 1,500 $ fees to join the rest to the celebrations by joining and sharing these activities and our planned initiatives to advance sustainable tourism for development.

Enjoy reading the details of your itinerary below:

An outdoor dinning table Bwindi impenetrable forest.

An outdoor dinning table Bwindi impenetrable forest.


After your arrival in Kigali international airport of Rwanda, Entebbe international airport of Uganda, from your location in Kampala or You’re in the nearby vicinity being parks like Queen Elizabeth national park and you want to include Bwindi experience on your safari continuation. On the first entry in the morning you will meet our safari guide and transfer to cross the border into Uganda. After entering 1.5 hours of driving will take us to the top of the rugged landscape with views of the verdant swathe of Bwindi and the western arm of the Great east African Rift valley on each sides .Here we will find our hotel tucked into this remote corner for the first overnight in the pearl of Africa. You will relax; enjoy dinner and an overnight preparing for the next day


On this special day after a hearty breakfast we leave our lodge early at sunrise for the great encounter. Our goal is (either Nkuringo or Rushaga), which are two of the park entrances of southern Bwindi for tourism and daily wildlife monitoring. We want to track the rare mountain gorillas in their natural habitat inside Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This is a whole day activity, so afterwards we don't have a tight schedule for the day and instead have a chance to relax at our lodge and the local communities around. Bwindi’s dense forest offers so much more than just gorillas. Forest elephants, butterfly species, chimps and other primates as well as endemic chameleons can be found along the way. Besides the habituated gorilla groups, there are more than twice as many wild gorilla families freely roaming this verdant swathe of Bwindi. You can decide to have a group of traditional entertainers from our locals, they are pygmies families who were forest dwellers before being evicted from the forest in 1990 by the conservation authorities still have hanging villages at the forest boundary and you will get time to interact; they have a rich cultural history and are always entertaining.


This day you’re ending your safari. After a healthy breakfast from your lodge, you will proceed on the scenic meandering road amidst the wonders of the Virunga massif greenery to Reach Kisoro for the flight back to Entebbe if you are ending your tour in Uganda or proceed via Kyanika border to Rwanda via musanze with photo stops to Kigali in Rwanda.

Finally you will arrive in Kigali for a city tour in Kigali Rwanda’s capital city which was named in 1907 by Dr. Richard Kandt (the first colonial resident governor of Rwanda) who contributed to the current face of this pedestrian gym of Rwanda. From here we will drive to Kigali Museum and learn about the history of the city, country’s pre-colonial and colonial period as well as the colonial masters in Rwanda. Visit the genocide memorial site, a grim reminder of a senseless massacre of innocent’s lives in 1994. Learn about Rwanda’s history from pre-colonial times to 1994 genocide and how Rwanda has dealt with that past experience to the current rapid growing society of peace and stability. We continue with our tour and see the new developments in Rwanda while entering Kigali international airport for your connecting flight. Your safari ends with successful check in your departure terminal for your flight back home.

Contact Instinct safaris to book this trip for 3 days including mountain gorilla trekking for 3 days discovering 3 days Bwindi impenetrable national park on Mountain gorilla trekking tour in Uganda. 

Do you Want to discover more from instinct safaris, don't forget to browse through our range of Eco-ventures to this remarkable impenetrable swathe of Bwindi. You can read our eco-projects for this job we do better as a community oriented safari operators. Just for your introduction to this untamed safari style, we have reserved these 3 days for you to feel the natural and traditional safari touch on this rain forested Bio-Sphere. Check other details of the three days safari to Bwindi here for details. You will find all this quite important as well. We wait for you to taste our experience in what we do not as a job but to put our passion for wildlife, people and their cultures to work. Don't fail to contact us, Karibu!