Mountain gorilla trekking experience,2017 permit fees and more informtion about visiting mountain gorillas in their pristine African habitats..

Mountain gorilla trekking,Mountain gorilla tours, Mountain gorilla tracking, Mountain gorilla visiting as more people call it. Information you will find necessary for all tourists coming into Africa for their life time safari experience with the Mountain gorillas (gentle giants) in the wild.

Adult mountain gorilla inside Bwindi impentrable forest-Uganda.

Adult mountain gorilla inside Bwindi impentrable forest-Uganda.

What is mountain gorilla trekking, mountain gorilla tracking, mountain gorilla tours, visiting mountain gorillas in their natural habitats, mountain gorilla encounters as you can call it?

Mountain gorillas only live in three countries in the whole world, for the whole planet Earth. Africa is a proud channel to host these gentle giants. It’s only in Uganda, Rwanda and D.D.Congo in Africa where these great apes live freely roaming the shared boundaries of the Albertine Rift valley.

Due to the close social bonds they have in their families and the natural forest, thanks to mountain gorillas for  failing to live in captivity, for that reason are different from Low land gorillas presently living in harsh conditions of foreign zoos.

Because of this all people enthusiastic to see Mountain gorillas must step in Africa and follow their natural path/trail in the forest to their natural habitats. The whole of this process is what we refer to as Mountain gorilla tracking, mountain gorilla trekking, mountain gorilla visiting or mountain gorilla encounter.

But while reading tourist views online, you will find that a bigger number totally admit for such experience to be a life memorable one, uplifting encounters and a once experience of a life time however we can’t forget others who look at the permit fees applicable as quite expensive.

Mountain gorilla trekkers after picking their choice with interests in mountain gorilla tours, they come to know that:

  • tours in Uganda the permit costs 600$
  • for tours in Rwanda the fees has been hiked effective may 2017 to 1,500$
  • and tours going to D.R.Congo a permit is sold at 400$.

Tourists out there after sitting and browsing through  alof of informative websites for Mountain gorilla conservation facts including habitat, local people  and trekking information.

The question remains,is it worth it? It the mountain trekking permit fees worth the tourists’ experience? And yet this permit must be booked in advance, a period we do advise to tourists must not be shorter than 3 months to the commencement of your safari.

Again these tourists need to understand that a permit is valid for one person above the ages of 15, expires on the exact dates of the trekking and you only spend one hour maximum with the mountain gorillas if doing the common trekking or 4 hours if on the habituation experience which is only done in Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable national park.

But remember should you feel can be in the forest any longer, this is possible. You can choose taking a waterfall nature walk should you feel the energy to do so in the same one day expiry of your permit.

Your permit carries one full day entrance into the forest; you only top-up guiding fees for the next guide who will lead you on the next portion of your water fall walk after the trekking experience.

To understand the broader version of this, let us all look into details of one day of your permit. You permit bears the cost for:

  • Entrance into the forest for the wholeday
  • Activity fees
  • Community conservation fees
  • Guiding fees for your lead guide into the forest
  • Health monitoring and the services offered by Gorilla Doctors

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