Gorilla naming ceremony has been happening in Rwanda for decades. What else do you know about it and other tourism activities in Rwanda?.

A trip to Rwanda brings you closer to Local peoples, their cultures and Mountain gorillas but don't forget the annual colourful event to give names to the gentle giants of the wild on Kwita Izina.

2017 Kwita Izina podium at Kinigi in Rwanda.

2017 Kwita Izina podium at Kinigi in Rwanda.

It's only in Rwanda where every mountain gorilla birth is a reason to celebrate, with involvement of the locals. government, media and all kinds of journalism. The locals, the government and the global community all meet to celebrate this tradition of mountain gorilla naming event.

From specie once declared to live at the vast of extinction to the current efforts there are very many reasons to celebrate every birth, who will not join them to celebrate? Possibly you're alucky one to join other trekkers to Rwanda who are blessed to witness the gorilla conservation mission and its impacts on the locals and the mountain gorilla habitats by taking a step to book your safari to Rwanda.

We invite you to let us know in case you want to be part of the Kwita Izina celebrations in Rwanda. Just contact us and let us know you’re looking forward to be part of the Kwita Izina Mountain gorilla naming celebrations in Rwanda.

Every new born in the year are given a name at once, the RDB will choose a day and let the general public know about the schedule to participate. All the stakeholders from around the world come together to celebrate including the notables like the celebrities and Rwandans to whom naming a bay mountain gorilla has a lot of meaning.

An elderly man playing a flute.

The reason to celebrate is the reason for successful conservation efforts in the country, since the event was established 161 mountain gorillas have been named and recognized. Only this year the 2017 Kwita Izina event was held in Kinigi on 1st September 2017 with 12 babies being named.

The celebrations always include:

  • Traditional dance and performances from the intore dancer.
  • National ballet and local musicians move the crowds crazy with their rewarding presentations
  • The honor of naming mountain gorilla babies which is done by both local and international guests.
  • Visiting mountain gorillas in their natural home volcanoes gorilla national park

Tourists to Rwanda can choose to be part of this event on their safari continuation or come to the event as a post safari moment to leave with only stories to tell and an album full of photos.

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