African tour bucket list is incomplete with out Ultimate Mountain gorilla experiences,a lifetime and true humbling experience.

Are you looking forward to your ultimate Mountain gorilla experience this summer?For most safari goers in Africa, this is the platinum of their safari booking and we are always positioned to make such memories a life time experience.

In here we bring all what you need to know happening in Africa's gorilla highlands: It's only in Uganda where tourists have two options for their natural and majestic encounters with the few remaining Mountain gorillas on the planet Earth.This is either through the common one hour trekking exercise or spending four hours maximum with your mountain gorilla family in the forested and impenetrable canopies of Bwindi forest with your guide.  

Mountain gorilla habituation experience as denotes an experience of making Wild Mountain gorillas get used to Human presence; this is done in the presence of qualified lead professional rangers visiting a mountain gorilla group for a period of one hour to four hours daily for 3 to 4 years.

When habituating mountain gorillas this involves the act of identifying and following the same wild mountain gorilla family daily, in order to manage this ranger follow the mountain gorilla site where they left the gorillas for the previous day and will follow a trail inside their feeding home range.

What are Methods and techniques employed while habituating mountain gorillas? Before reaching to the family rangers can tell their location direction through:

  • Following a trail while identifying their droppings
  • Food leftovers
  • Smelling
  • Vocalization and nesting ETC.

Habituating mountain gorillas in the presence of the observers started in the Virunga volcanoes by Dian Fossey in 1960s, habituating mountain gorillas has been easier compared to low land mountain gorillas of western Africa because of the thick ground vegetation making mountain gorillas easy to track and locate regularly.

While habituating mountain gorillas rangers drop to their knees and walk to their hands and knees and crawl after them. Imitate their behavior like vocalization and mimicking their feeding sounds and chest beating which means showing strength but this doesn’t involve the use of gifts like feeding as in pets.

How can rangers differentiate between habituated mountain gorilla group and non habituated habituation group? In order to confirm a group has been fully habituated depends on the distance and stability; a habituated group must allow human presence at a distance between 15 to 7 meters. When visited the family’s stability is yet another factor to consider, mountain gorillas in the group must be able to continue with their daily schedule like feeding, mating and grooming. Whereas for wild or Not fully habituated mountain gorilla families individuals once exposed to external factors like the presence of humans will leave what they are doing, charge, fight, hide, runoff, vocalize and fight.

What is the first group of mountain gorillas to be habituated in Bwindi impenetrable national park? The first group to be habituated in Bwindi impenetrable national park was for research in 1986 known as Kyaguriiro in the Eastern conservation sector Ruhiija.

After this followed Mubare in Buhoma in 1993 with Ruhondeza (late) as the leading and oldest Silverback, next in 1998 were Rushegura and Habinyanja groups. Nkuringo mountain gorilla family was habituated and opened for tourism in 2004; Bitukura group in Ruhija was habituated and opened for tourists in 2007 and Shongi group in Bwindi southern sector Rushaga in 2009.

Is the Mountain gorilla habituation experience fee the same as the ordinary mountain gorilla tracking permit in Uganda? The fees are different even though offers quite rewarding experiences, for one hour Mountain gorilla trekking permit costs 600$ in the peak season and 450$ in the off-peak so called low season.

Whereas A mountain gorilla experience permit is done to a minimum allowance off our hours though meant for the whole day you are free to let your guide know should you feel want to vacate the forest, this costs 15,000$ Value and a unique way to embrace conservation, spend ample time learning about the forest’s biodiversity and for Photographers who need ample time to the lenses of cameras this is another thrill for unique photo experiences after the animal relieves of stress and starts to pull out its rare magic you’re mesmerized with rare photo opportunities.

Are there chances for Mountain gorilla monopolized bookings/booking the whole family under one name or group? As another safari style for honeymooners who want to have ample romantic time close to nature or anybody who want to pullout mountain gorilla tracking as a perfect gift for the loved one don’t forget you can come with only you and your fiancé or friends equivalent to eight and monopolize a mountain gorilla family trek from other intrusions, Uganda wildlife authority allocates only a maximum of eight permit daily for each group and you contact us to book in advance or if necessary you can book all eight daily group’s permit under your reservation code and have a true serene of natural privacy with only your guide and porter in the wilderness for a true reward of the meaning of being on the safari to such pristine natural fabrics of Africa.

Are there Mountain gorilla groups currently under habituation in Uganda? Yes there are currently on going habituation on the verdant swathe of Bwindi impenetrable national park’s southern sector. One group called Bushaho in Nkuringo sector is under habituation with approximately 15 individuals and Bikiingi family with 20 individuals is under habituation. Both groups are doing well and are healthy, accessing Bushaho is driving to Nkuringo where as Bikiingi can be accessed via Rushaga sector and later trek inside the forest through Nyabaremura village.

What can happen if someone is interested to visit a wild mountain gorilla group which has never been trekked by tourist? Don’t forget this sounds a real life time experience, should someone feel interested to visit Wild Mountain gorillas are welcome. You will be taken to a wild mountain gorilla family which is only accessed during the time when rangers are on ground forest patrols, with more than half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas there are more than 40 Mountain gorilla families freely roaming the tropical rain forest of Bwindi. You will only need to contact us for your whole day permit booking in advance and trust your fitness for such one day to the un-spoilt impenetrable jungle with your trained rangers and porters.