Introduction to the rare mountain gorillas small world.African safari memories that must be experinced atleast once.

There are currently fewer than 1,000 Mountain gorillas remaining in Africa for the whole world,this puts them on the critically endangered list with only two classifications away from completely extinct list.Come vist them and help them survive!

Mountain gorilla conservation today:  First we appreciate the fact that group visits to the mountain gorilla lands can be expensive however going solo is more expensive, with a mountain gorilla permit costing 600 $ in Uganda during the peak season and 450$ in the so called low season. Rwanda the permit costs 1500 $ for both season entries and D.R.Congo issues permits at 400 $.

The fees are meant strictly for the conservation of these animals which involves habitat maintenance for both lives of the surrounding community and the gentle giants inside their home ranges, mountain gorillas exist in remote areas not known for their tourists infrastructure making the logistics to trek to the mountain gorillas challenging as an activity on its own.

Tour groups interested in mountain gorilla tracking pay permit fees before entry to conservation areas including expert guide to lead them inside the forest and making sure you enjoy your experience. Like most African game activities the one hour allowed to interact with these gentle giants inside their natural habitats is quite worth it .

We are glad to let you know what you are to get into before planning for the mountain gorilla activity in the wildness of Africa.  The hike through indigenous forests is challenging and to some will look a tough walk following the trail but within reach for anyone with a reasonable level of proved to be fit.

The walk will get you muddy and sweaty, while beneath the tropical forest humidity is high and is always recommended to bring a plenty of fresh drinking safe water to hydrate yourself as you go minimum three liters.You will get done with your bush bash to finally find a comfortable feeding gorilla family or peacefully playing inside their home range in the forest.

Your lead trekking guide will and rangers will prepare for you for the life time experience, you will have good 45 minutes to 1 hours to sit and observe the daily behavior of these animals while taking photographs and asking questions.