The hotel with a view:Mweya safari lodge in Uganda Queen Elizabeth National Park: Eleven (11) points why you should book this hotel on your safari to Africa.

“You will be greeted by stunning views through the large windows in the lodge’s foyer tucked into this remote wild corner of Africa while receiving a very warm welcome. Here you feel you’re the first person to step into this land”

Queens cottage at Mweya safari lodge with Kazinga views through the window.

Queens cottage at Mweya safari lodge with Kazinga views through the window.

Stunning views greet you through the large windows just to imagine you are on safari getaway into the African wilderness.

WELCOME TO AFRICA! Feel the amazing landscapes, untamed savannah plains with varied array of wildlife, the generosity of conservation custodians the local people. From walking into tropical forest undergrowth to the rich savannah meadows, truly you will discover that a safari in the natural and rural fabrics of Africa offers a live vacation trip, holiday or honeymoon tour. Just look no further into the possibility to relax in harmony with nature.

Touristic safari tent elevated at the bank of Kazinga natural channel.

Touristic safari tent elevated at the bank of Kazinga natural channel.

1. Located In harmony with nature: Immerse yourself into the natural fabrics of rural Africa, tucked into the Savannah plains of the Great African Rift Valley is a no-miss opportunity for your lifetime trip in Africa to be complete .On the cascading rolling plains separated by two lakes of Edward and George you will find Mweya safari lodge.

2. Getaway to a rich safari experience for ours to Uganda: On your tours to discover Uganda check details  here , mweya safari lodge is located on the west offering tourists from all over the world unforgettable experience; this hotel is located on the south western conservation circuit in Uganda’s rich Biosphere of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

3. Diversified wildlife encounters inside the park: The hotel location is enriched by the true sense of wild experience dominated by prolific game drives; it’s located on the peninsular within the heart of an African water body making boat cruise a dream come true. Tourist explore both aquatic wildlife on launch trip and inside their overland safari jeep on game drives, there are numerous forest walks of experimental tourism leading you to lion tracking and Hippo census.

4. Mweya Safari lodge is a hidden gym: The hotel and its neighborhood is a hidden treasure characterized by the explosion craters and the rich savannah to reveal the famous African Big Five. The magical Rwenzori Mountains aptly described as the mountains of the moon just lie in the close proximity from this safari lodge.

5. You will always get a personal and local interaction: The tourist joy to fall in love with nature and the peopling of rural Africa is attributed to its location. On the east lie the Guardians of the Birthplace to mankind the Great Western arm of East African Rift Valley plus rolling hills of greenery.

6.Mweya safari lodge’s magic: Mweya safari lodge is separated from the mountains of the moon by the meandering permanent water channel Kazinga a favorite hot spot for wildlife coming to sip and taking a shower at a sunny day with Hippos, Elephants, Kobs  etc. as permanent residents.

7. Savanna twin lakes: While at Mweya safari lodge tourists gain the safari joy to the endless natural flow of crystal clear waters of Rift Valley Giant Lakes Edward and George. These lakes provide permanent shelter to most water birds, hippos, crocs and more wild animals including those coming to sip and shower on a sunny day.

8. Renowned tourist off-beat tracks: Mweya safari lodge is believed with no doubt to be the coordinating center of unique wildlife encounters and the plight to begin off the beaten tracks. While here you will get off the many tourist trails to discover the remotely explosion caters and a visit to Katwe salt pans will always be memorable.

Bush breakfast as served at mweya safari lodge.

Bush breakfast as served at mweya safari lodge.

9. Bush breakfast at Mweya safari lodge: The hotel provides the guests with another thrilling safari style; imagine having your breakfast amidst the elephant herds, Grazing Buffaloes, Kobs etc. Yes Bush breakfast is well served to tourists into the forest after the safe landing from an early morning Balloon trip at Kasenyi KobLek.

10. Locally home grown and delicious meals: Food here is delicious and locally grown; your meals will be magical with an additional creativity of the chef. You will truly experience mouthwatering meals with options for both meat lovers and vegans.

11. Mweya safari lodge offers a tailored chef’s order with rare Kazinga Tilapia fish: Fishing is another activity but monitored and controlled by Uganda wildlife Authority, you will have an opportunity to do boating on Kazinga channel in the morning, taste the chef’s order ofthe rare dish of Kazinga Tilapia for lunch or just imagine the romance you enjoy while sitting at the shore of Kazinga channel enjoying a bottle of Ugandan Premium beer from the locally grown Ugandan sorghum-the Nile special Beer.

You will have an additional advantage to just taste the natural aroma of the African soil with the choice to have a menu just tailored for you taking care of your dietary requirements. For more information about food just our article about the tourist’s plate while on safari to Africa, read about food travels here.

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