Packing for your travels,amust read trip information, essentials and tour packing tips on your tour to Africa-Uganda,Rwanda and D.R.Congo.

Imagine you’re done with the general safari bookings! On every trip planning,every body is looking forward to save stress, time and money to succeed.

Now you don’t need to waste much time worrying on the question of what essential or things to pack for your safari?Below are details-happy packing!

Well packaged tourist on Nyiragongo mountain hiking in D.R.Congo at Kibaati.

Well packaged tourist on Nyiragongo mountain hiking in D.R.Congo at Kibaati.

Do you know that weather, nature of your safari activities, vegetation cover in the safari destination, type of your tour etc. need to be considered when time comes to start packing for your tour?

Culturally and appropriate dressing is a traditional norm in most of safari destinations in the world and Uganda is a good example especially for women? Yes this is really ideal for the best safari experience whether it means Mountain Gorilla trekking experience or turning up in the morning to have a prolific game watching in the Savannah plains.

We are glad to highlight major packing essential for you to effectively “Discover places, explore nature and enjoy a life time Eco-venture” with enthusiastic safari experts from Instinct safaris.

After awhile trekking upwards to the summit of nyiragongo volcano there came a downpour but good enough they were prepared.

After awhile trekking upwards to the summit of nyiragongo volcano there came a downpour but good enough they were prepared.

Tourists looking to travel happily value the contributions of a well packing list when it comes to make choices for their checklist.

When it comes to happy travel everybody is holding his or her head up, in here we throw more lights on parts of the list for the safari essentials that tourists find quite necessary while on their trips to African wild places e.g. in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

There are some vital things that everybody finds a must take while going on tour, but the joy of a nice safari experience is derived from light packing.

Imagine the safari mood of a tourist when is at Entebbe international airport in Uganda for the airport reception by our enthusiastic Instinct safaris guides while the luggage bag with all the belongings is still at Doha International airport in the UAE .

Imagine you’re being given that special treat for your welcome to the pearl Africa, what is your general perception? Sure something will be lacking.

So in here we will disclose some safari essentials which must occupy that inclusive gap in your luggage sack that you don’t need to leave behind while travelling to Africa.

After our long time helping tourists to have the best of their life time safari experience on every tour while travelling with us, we came to approve that travelling happy is beyond destinations and the draft of an itinerary you have at hand.

It’s beyond booking that luxury facility closer to the wilderness, it’s a whole package that includes how your communication is received and interpreted after the first client inquiry by the reservation desks being brief and price on the first note, to packing essentials, to the worthwhile welcome, to the knowledge and intelligence of your safari guide, to the local community reactions atlarge, the logistical support etc.

Among the must bring things everybody considers, we found out that only these are to open the doors for your safari like your passport, your airline ticket, your immunization card and some cash.

But if you’re coming into African wild places, for your tour be a life time trip you must think beyond these considering the places and day to day activities.

Then what do you need to put into consideration? After finding the right travel operator, i emphasize the right one as this is the core part of your experience and perhaps aright tour itinerary has been thought of and it’s your time! Now think about:

Now no rains,the top offers maginificient vies but some times below -5 degrees!

Now no rains,the top offers maginificient vies but some times below -5 degrees!

Safari wear by choosing appropriate dressing code fit for African safari spirit: An African traditional society is characterized by strong cultural and valuable bonds in the day to day life.

These are mostly circulating around traditional and societal laws, taboos, myths, totems and lineage systems are considered quite important. Descent dressing is a reputation one earns for him or herself, his/her family, society and company.

Women wear in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo is the most preserved one, along dress is the right code or newly introduced long pants and this must be free fitting not tight.

In case of alternatives, atleast something that goes below the knees, covering whole body including breasts is recommended while walking in the villages where most of tour activities tend to concentrate is appoint to consider.

Head covering is not a must like in Moslem countries but is another way how women maintain their hair styles to feel calm in the public. However the situation will be treated differently while approaching streets of main cities like in Kampala and Kigali.

Yes to note, the dressing matches with weather and the activity as well. Appropriate clothing we understand if the main thing to emphasize mostly to be comfortable on the safari while not offending cultures and nature at glance.

Rabani from instinct safaris leading the team down wards-i guess you see the action of agood shoe and supportive walking stick.

Rabani from instinct safaris leading the team down wards-i guess you see the action of agood shoe and supportive walking stick.

All the clothing must be in neutral colors blending with nature and this will be another important reason not to scare aware wildlife as you travel. On your general clothing list you will find the following quite ideal for your safari to Africa:

  • Solid walking shoes
  • Long pants/trousers
  • Pair of tall socks (lightweight wool)
  • Breathable long sleeve button down shirt.
  • Pair of garden gloves
  • Rain gear
  • Hat/cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Pair of sports sandals
  • Underwear moisture winking

Effective Information accessibility for pre and post tour in Africa: An informative guide we understand means an informative safari, joyful and attributed safari excitements, atleast what must not be avoided on every tour.

Yes a good guide is a teacher, an entertainer, interpreter, a conduit etc…to his tourists as you can describe him/her on every tour. However don’t hesitate grabbing a copy of the guide book like the Bradt guide book and other travel magazines about the place you’re about to visit .

Read online other tourist’s views and ratings on the same but keep it in mind some people are faking this, social media is another open platform. This is yet another way to enrich your safari experience.

You will find it nice with great information; you can read this book while still at home, in the plane, during game drives as a point of reference to more wildlife interpretations and imagine reading it at your hotel balcony with a whole natural wonderful world in front of you.

The morning gift of asunrise was the best way to windup the volcano trek

The morning gift of asunrise was the best way to windup the volcano trek

Photography during your tour in Africa: There are no special skills required for tourists to benefit from the many opportunities that will involve photosque moments; your safari to Africa will be nothing to remember without those stunning moments as captured on the camera lenses.

For those interested in photography safaris with a purpose, we agree your special skills will be at work and you will cherish every moment while inside the African tropical and savannah parks and at Instinct safaris we have something for you.

We recommend you bring a handy camera with zoom power to have a better experience benefiting on even far wildlife. Since we will be driving only in defined game tracks during your game watching drive and in most African parks measures to maintain the impacts of tourists’ foot prints quite lower are in place.

Off driving is penalized by conservation laws and regulations due to what this can cause to the life of animals and the whole wildlife habitats. You will always find that there are maintained game tracks where your driver guide will concentrate during the game drives.

Spare battery will be another nice idea, and battery charger. Remember that Uganda uses a UK power system which works better with UK plugs, A film mostly the faster one for amazing mountain gorillas shots will earn you points on your tour to African.

The chimpanzees of Kibale forest in Uganda will need your good camera!

The chimpanzees of Kibale forest in Uganda will need your good camera!

Preparing for Game viewing time for your tour in Africa: It makes sense where tourists are participating in wildlife spotting, we like it far better because it’s their safari not ours.

As most of our guides are born in this region, there are many times when they are exposed to this wildlife array and your angle to view things might be different from them. A reason why we will always give tourists the first priority when it comes to game watching, we advise you to bring:

  • A pair of binoculars
  • Sunscreen for the hot Savannah plains
  • Warm fleece jackets for cold morning or during the rains.
  • Notebook to record your wildlife sighting to update your check list
  • Writing ink pen

Public health and sanitation concern during tours in Africa: Did you know that this is very vital while traveling in Africa, just wait and know how from the safari experts. During your daily tour transfers i mean from one activity area to another, from hotel to hotel, during walking safaris and on more forest trekking.

We need to admit that anytime nature can dictate and we incorporate the concept of “Bush toilets”, have you ever heard of this?

Another scenario is that an amazing roadside tourism in Africa awaits, during your trip you will bypass local markets selling lots of local produce. On the fruits side, tourists have been enjoying tasting them. You will find them quite delicious and locally grown organically, some endemic to only this part of the world.

The tourist love for supporting the locals by buying from them directly not larger suppliers in Kampala and other big cities won’t be escaped. What about enjoying your lunch pack inside your customized safari vehicle while in the drive, don’t forget we will always have refrigerated refreshments in our safari vehicle.

All these are happening in the names of responsible Eco-tourism policy and traveling local where tourists get away from known to unknown philosophy.

After our successful operations, we came to recommend that tourists or in safari vehicle you must have:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • A roll of toilet paper
  • Bottle opener
  • Soviets
  • A Swiss army knife or a good imitation

While we are not sure of your travel motives, Instinct safaris cannot guarantee exactly what you will need. However our safari expert panel; provided this list to just aid you to pack, occasionally it’s our obligation to send a well-researched general packing email to every tourist for every tour booked.

This is the last step of our communication preparing him/her for the safari to commence soon after putting together their tour itinerary, having known their ambitions of their travel and we do consider the region and activities of the itinerary. Again as the activities in the itinerary might encompass different destinations in quite amazing scenarios where tours feature different vegetation types, this for example involves the present safari scene we include in our tailor made tours from the great wildlife encounters in the tropical rain forest of Kibale in the morning, a tourist is able to get on the launch cruise of Mweya at midday, expect to have an evening game drive inside the savannah on the same day.

This is only possible for tours to Uganda, combing a tropical rain forest chimp tour to a Savannah experience with a boat cruise in a single day. Therefore it’s the duty of our escorting safari guide to be discussing with tourists what to wear on each activity every day following the course of their itinerary.

We are here to help you make the best choice of your life time adventure when it comes to traveling in Africa, we know there are lots of choices but Instinct safaris is here to listen to you, tailor it into that safari experience suitable for you. We are here to plan together, explore together and stay together.

Do you want to discover more about tours to in Africa or have a question about packing essentials for your tour? Don't forget that you can check our Eco-ventures to this remarkable part of the Great lakes region for Tours to Uganda, Tours to Rwanda and Tours to D.R.Congo. Feel free to read our eco-projects for this job we do better as a community oriented safari operator. We wait for you to taste our experience in what we do not just as a job but to put our passion for wildlife, people and their cultures on work. When it comes to tours and travel, we understand you have more choices in front of you but Instinct safaris allow us hear it from you, we will tailor it together into a life uplifting safari moment so don't fail to contact us
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