Safari game drives in the palm dotted Green belts of Uganda's rapidly raised Savannah.

"I was Truly immersed in the wild Murchison Falls national park".

From Entebbe international airport spread on the sea shore of the largest fresh water body lake there is so much to see en-route. The drive through the city center of Kampala in the morning sun rise over seven hills is always a fascinating moment of true roadside tourism encounters, finally we reached our planned  lunch stopover at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary 176 km from Kampala the capital of Uganda.

Tracking time at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary: At this sanctuary the Rhinos are being re-introduced in Uganda after being extinct in the 1980s with purposes to be allocated in numerous protected areas within the country.

The Rhino tracking is possible with a lead guide and escort of other rangers who take the responsibility to monitor the conditions of the animals by keeping constant patrols. On this proud home of wild Rhinos in Nakasongora district one is able to sight on 15 wild white Rhinos, enjoy birding on 250 bird species recorded or be on the guided nature walk inside the sanctuary.

Another important thing learnt about the sanctuary is that it’s not only the home for rhinos, other animals, reptiles, or birds that are injured or abandoned are also rehabilitated at the sanctuary before being released back into the wild.

Quite enthralling and chilling journey to the top of the falls: The next drive via Masaka town leads to Uganda’s first protected area to be gazzetted as national park in 1952.

We passed large herds of Buffaloes, elephants, dozens of giraffes, and lions lazing below the cactus trees. Hundreds of Hippos were dozing in the muddy pools inside the forest and the thundering sounds of the river brought us to think we are coming closer to the mighty River Nile.

The abundant game we crossed over portrayed what every tourist coming to the forest can’t miss, proclaimed on 5,072 km squared and the largest of Uganda’s 10 world class national parks is proud to host the country’s smallest antelope Oribi and Roschild’s giraffes.

Enjoying the view from above has its own special enchantments, from here one can view the waters of the mighty river Nile as it generates force while entering the rock cliff 160-foot wide -49m into an opening approximately 20 feet wide-6m and then from here cascade 130 feet 40m.

This is truly described as the most powerful surges of water in the world, every moment you are thrilled by the breathtaking beauty and power of this spectacular sight.

Pakuba safari lodge: set in amidst of this untamed wilderness and manages to keep its guests completely comfortable without detracting in any way from the true sense of being in the rural Uganda’s wild areas.

Large custom build local hand crafted cottages with ensuite facilities and located far enough from its neighbors to ensure complete sense of privacy hence creating an atmosphere of your safari expeditions of the early explorers. Pakuba lodge is located in North West of Uganda on the eastern bank of the Albert Nile.

Meals are a mouthwatering tribute to the chefs whose major interests are the ability to create extraordinary dishes so far from the nearest organic farmers, supermarkets or delicatessen which are quite astonishing.

Established by long time just at the shares of Nile where it enters River Nile at the delta, this home is friendly to wildlife visiting mostly the warthogs ,kobs and impalas roam the compound where as Giraffes are daily visitors.

The lodge maintains an atmosphere of being home away from home being intimate and super stylish for wilderness enthusiasts in one of Uganda’s unique rapid raised wild places.

Having Nile special beer at the Mighty River Nile.

Having Nile special beer at the Mighty River Nile.

Boating to the Nile delta: From paraa to the delta is 28 km, the boat cruise from here to the delta on a return journey takes four to five hours. This is the birders’ paradise and offers more quite rewarding prolific game experience in undisturbed environment. In addition the cool evenings reveals also major predators such as lions, leopards, hyenas and cheetahs.

Game drive with in the forest:  As the sun rises too high we drove in the palm dotted savannah grasslands, woodlands, tropical rainforests, rivers and swamps. In this wide range of habitats we were lucky to go deep into the enthralling wilderness honor of very healthy populations of other species including hartebeest, kobs, and more majestic dozens of giraffes trimming the acacia hokis. This game drive took four hours and best time for an amazing experience is in the morning by 0700hrs and evenings 1600hrs.

The boat launch to the bottom of the falls: The major highlights to every body’s visit to this special conservation sector of Uganda is this launch trip from Paraa to the foot of the falls, floating hippos and gap mouthed Nile crocodiles are abundant and more herds of elephants come along the River Nile waters for sipping and bathing.

This area is a hot spot for more bird species endemic to this forest like the pre-historic rare shoebill stork. This launch trip from Paraa to the bottom of the falls on a 17 km stretch takes three hours; probably the most intriguing creatures for this safari were the gap mouthed Nile crocodiles lying intertwined in below the river caves at the bottom of the falls and Hippos.Karibu Kw'Africa!!