Socially responsible safaris

Instinct Safaris offers short and long safari excursions with extraordinary wildlife encounters and sightseeing tours in amazing scenarios found in East Africa‘s most precious regions. With us, one can truly discover the pearl of Africa - Uganda, the land of a thousand hills - Rwanda, and the tropical convergence zones as well as the active volcanic regions of Nyamuragira and Nyiragongo found in eastern DR Congo.

Instinct Safaris encourages community participation in eco-tourism and sustainable safaris by bringing the region's culture, its people, its wildlife, and adventurous travelers closer. The locations we travel to can be seen on the designated area on our website. Descriptions of each park are provided. It is our mission to offer highest quality tours while giving back to our home region - the border region of Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo - in various forms to the benefit of culture and nature conservation.

Local community interaction is not just incorporated in our journeys, but it is the very core value of our operations. Cultural dancing and acting performances are one of the ways we use to create friendship through travel as we bring cultures together. Many of our local hikes are community-led. Home stays are available in some communities.

The Instinct Safaris Foundation

As a safari company dedicated to community service, we have the great privilege and responsibility to decide what is best for our travelers out there on any of our tailored itineraries. The real people of the region – the Bakiiga, Lango, Batwa, Acholis and Banyarwanda - are strongly supported. We promote use of local guiding services, local garments, indigenous produce (oftentimes, we are able to buy ingredients directly from the farms and take them to the lodges).  

As part of our efforts to help sustainable development of our areas of operation, procedures were laid out to train and involve the local members into a responsible tourism industry. One of our projects is called Okukora („to work“) based in Nombe, a village home to only four hundred people of which more than half are under the age of twenty-five. Even though the village is very close to the famous Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, most of its people are very poor and out of work. Unfortunetaly, poverty hits the young generation the hardest. Almost no teenagers can go to secondary school because the government doesnt pay for it and their parents cannot afford to pay for the requirements for further education. Our Okukora project promotes the youth to make their step into work, earning money, and build a sustainable future for themselves in their home region. With you, Instinct Safaris has been able to restore hope to most of the young aged drop-outs to develop the place and design its future. Each tour booked contributes to the support of this community under the Okukora project visited on our journeys passing through the southern sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. 

Other projects of ours include a Rubuguri village public library in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Kabale, Uganda, and BookAid International, the 3 Boys Bakery Project and several educational projects in the local primary schools. In cooperation with the German Development Agency (GIZ) Rubuguri Parish, bordering the southern sector of Bwindi, has received volunteers from abroad in the last years who help implementing many ongoing projects.

A strong partner for sustainable growth

Instinct Safaris Limited is a fully registered Ugandan safari company adhering to international environmental conventions, the local rules, regulations, and taxation policies in Rwanda, DR Congo, and Uganda. We conduct tours and travel in the Great Lakes Region. However, we try hard to always do this better with our customer-friendly safari planning. We commit ourselves to the highest standards in the business and always keep improving our services with our clients' active involvement. Every safari with us so far has been tweaked at least a little bit to fully satisfy our customers while still providing the same eco-aware approach to sustainable travel in East Africa.

Our team members are born and raised in the beautiful environment of Bwindi rain forest and its surroundings. Being experts on forest wildlife and flora, Instinct Safaris has been able to hire and support ethnic minorities wherever possible. Batwa tribe members are now able to load local hiking trips. We do not hire foreign guides or staff members. Therefore, Niels is the only staff member who is not originally from the Kigezi region. However, he has spent an entire year in the village of Rubuguri and now promotes Instinct Safaris abroad. Further, all of our guides have acquired proper licenses in guiding and professional driving. Some of them have specialized in bird identification, which is an exciting activity to do in and around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park with its more than 210 bird species whether you are a keen birder or just on a hobby. By employing local members of staff only, we ensure that on every tour we do, we provide the most knowledgeable guides and have a high constructive impact on local society, as well, by encouraging friendships across cultures and nations. 

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